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    I agree with Jargo, most of us outside the USA will never even have the chance to buy the Shuttle, and most of us would kill for it. Keep up the good work Hasbro, you'll bury yourselves soon.
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    The items arn't exclusive outside of the US, most of the time. That's why on-line retailers like PAF, Yestertoys, Brian's Toys and numerous others can offer them. Infact Brian's toys is currently pre-selling the shuttle. They can get it directly from Hasbro by being a official hasbro dealer. You may want to look into that, if your not located in the US.

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    Thanks for posting the pic Jargo! You're right, there is no reason why it should cost more than the AT-AT (or Queens Starship for that matter), especially without any electronics. I've wanted a Shuttle for years but not bad enough to fall for this crap. Just how gullible does Hasbro think we are?

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    what are the 4 target exclusives? did i miss something? your're not referring to the 12 inch line are you? i thought you didn't like those. maybe i can answer my question? is it the:

    1. skiff?
    2. y-wing?
    3. b-wing?
    4. 12 inch speederbike?

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    No derek, the cantina connectable sections with figures. Kitik Keed'kak, Momaw nadon, Greedo and Ponda Baba. Set for a summer release I hear.

    JarJar, Even if Brians toys do have the shuttle on pre-order, the prices there are no better than at FAO and there's still the question of the cost of importing the thing to this country. Point is, it should have been a TRU release and made global. The demand is high enough but only for a fair price for the actual product. I'm sure a few will make it to the UK via the scalpers and comic stores and that's going to be even more expensive. I was told that a Fambaa would set me back 150 (that's about $220.00) by one comic store. Needless to say I didn't bother with it. If that's what the Fambaa went for, then can you imagine how high the cost of the shuttle?
    It's insane. These are toys not Rembrandt paintings. I expect high prices for vintage figures and ships, even old figures from the POTF line because they're discontinued stock. This is a new item and it's almost at vintage cost to me. I have to question the thinking behind this exclusive or my mind will buckle trying to fathom it for myself otherwise.

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    F*****G Hasbro

    They always seem to muck up everyones hope and dreams of owning an Imperial Shuttle.

    How about giving the rest of the world a chance. I agree with you Emperor Jargo. It's been hard and expensive enough to get exclusives over here, and now we find out only 5000 are being produced. What a rip off.

    Just goes to show how much Hasbro know about us collectors.

    Come on Hasbro, there is more than 5000 collectors in the world.

    And stop them BLOODY shop exclusives
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    So we are getting a new Shuttle...... good thing.

    Limited to 5000 and available only in restricted stores at high prices...........???????

    Who makes these decisions and what logic do they use????? Making a vehicle or figure in limited numbers just doesn't make sense for a company the size of Hasbro. Why go through all the hassle of producing one of the largest and most anticipated vehicles and then restrict who can get it.

    All Hasbro has done is try to make a quick buck by abusing those collectors who have supported it over the years.

    Being in the UK, I've got F*** all chance of geting this even if I pay through my nose. There are collectors outside of the US Hasbro, you could at least made it easily available to us, or to those in the US for that matter.

    Thanks Hasbro, it just shows you really don't care.

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    I think Jargo may have been reffering to the 4 upcoming Troop Builder Target sets?I thought the cantina sets were Walmarts exclusives?Hope I'm not confusing the matter.I won't ever see the Target exclusives for retail anyway.I at least have a shot at the walmart stuff.This is really starting to suck big time.delete starting
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    The price is ridiculous. And as of now, no exclusive figures included. I will probably pass on this one unless they announce it is coming with 2 Imperial Dignitaries. Either way the price is still sick.
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    Kinda makes ya miss Kenner, dunnit?
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