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    Exclamation Top 10 Toys I want Hasbro to make!!!

    1- Carded Wedge Antilles (w/ rem. helmet)
    2- Ponda Baba (w/ rem. arm)
    3- ROTJ final duel Luke Skywalker
    4- Bespin gown Princess Leia
    5- A larger, more detailed Millennium Falcon
    6- They should make glow-in-the-dark lightsabers for the Jedi figures
    7- Millennium Falcon accessory pack-- hydrospanners, tool kit, breathing masks, welding gogs
    8- Clonetrooper 4 packs
    9- ROTJ Emperor's throne playset
    10- Updated Cantina playset

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    Good list, here's mine:

    1- super deluxe removable helmet Vader, with double cloth cape, two piece removable helmet, metal lightsaber hilt and a magnet in his belt.
    2- Kithaba
    3- Wooof
    4- Yarna Dal Gargan
    5- the other Weequay on the prisoner skiff
    6- ROTJ Luke
    7- New Han Carbonite
    8- Endor Rebel soldier in Biker Scout disguise
    9- Colonel Wulf Yularen
    10- Hermi Odle
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    Top Ten Figures

    1: Chewbacca: Endor Battle
    This figure would have accurate height and the face sculpt from deciphers chewbacca of kashyyyk card but most imprtantly enough articulation to 1) hold his bowcaster correctly and 2) give an another figure a lifting chokehold
    2: Luke Skywalker: Jedi Knight
    Enough articulation to have battle and standown positions and alightsaber hilt that can attach to his belt.
    3: Major Bren Derlin
    removable backpack, rifle that came with firist hoth soilder and cantina glass that came with zutton
    4: General Crix Madine
    5: Cloud City Ice Cream Man
    6: Endor Soilder w/ Speederbike
    with imperial blaster so you can re-inact the entire endor stage of sega's popular arcade game
    7: Gasgango with Pod Racer
    8: standard imperial sith knight from galactic: battlegrounds
    you know the one with the pasty bald head and double bladed lightsaber.
    9: new captain piett
    10: more ewoks

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    ohh i forgot one, instead of e-woks a generic rebel pilot, some one who can be shot down left and right, x-wing, y-wing, b-wing, a-wing and snowspeeder. Just someone for the bad guy aces to kill

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    here's mine:

    1. Ultimate Darth Vader
    2. Ultimate ROTJ Luke Skywalker
    3. Ultimate Darth Maul
    4. Ultimate Emperor Palpatine
    5. Ultimate C-3PO
    6. Ultimate Chewbacca
    7. Ultimate Count Dooku
    8. Ultimate Anakin Skywalker
    9. Ultimate Destroyer Droid
    10. Ultimate Jedi's (Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan E1, etc.)

    Ultimate means proper height, good sculpting/likeness, good paint-job, good accesories and good articulation (with Jedi's for fighting stance and normal pose)

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    I love top 10 lists:

    10. Ultimate Chewbacca
    9. Hoth Deck Officer (Major Derlin)
    8. Bigbarada's Vader idea
    7. Ultimate Ewok, with spear, boobie trap, and celebration imperial xylophone.
    6. Ben Kenobi with cloth cape (so he can sit in the landspeeder)
    5. Sail Barge R2-D2
    4. Generic R2 and Protocol droids
    3. Maintenance Droid pack
    2. Jawa Droid pack: R1-G4, R5-D4, CZ-3
    1. ROTJ JABBA with Yarna

    Gee, should I have put the Imperial Dignatary or General Rieekan in there somewhere? Oh well, we know at least one of them will be made.
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    how 'bout figures that actually STAND on their own, for those of us that keep one sealed and open one for display. A lot of the newer figs (Tusken Female, Anakin peasant, battle droids, padme, Typho, etc) need stands or fall easily if you bump your shelf!!
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    Ewok with imperial helmet xylophone. That's a great idea!!!!

    And isn't it about time we get an accurate sculpt of Tarkin?
    Give us the Grand Moff. Saga style.

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    10. Toryn Farr
    09. AT-PT with Imperial Officer (new face sculpt)
    08. Colonel Wulf Yularen
    07. Toonbuck Toora
    06. Reegesk and Het N'kik
    05. Swilla Corey
    04. Cane Adiss
    03. Hermi Odle
    02. Hem Dazon
    01. Leia in Bespin Gown
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    I always thought the Tarkin's head was pretty accurate. His body didn't seem out at the time, but those were the Steroid POTF2 days. I'm going to have to take another look at him.

    What's an AT-PT? Should it be ST?
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