First, before I start ranting, thanks for actually getting the Shuttle made.

That said, I just have to say. . .


$125? $125? This is going to be the most expensive retail price for any Star Wars toy since the POTF2 line began.

I mean, the Queen's Starship (the next most expensive piece) was in triple digits, but it was fully electronic and had a cool pack-in figure!

The Shuttle is having nothing? And yet costs about the same as some people's car payments?

You listened to us on the Shuttle, but have you listened to anything else? Exclusives are bad, and FAO exclusives are the worst of the bunch! This is a vehicle that shouldn't retail for more than, say, $70. And yet, thanks to it being an exclusive at FAO, it's almost twice that.

And with a production run of 5,000, it will never be available at clearance prices!

Most people can't get to a FAO. They're not conveniently located whatsoever, and some of us like to actually see our triple-digit toys before buying them. You've turned many a collector away from being completists with fiascos like Masters of the Dark Side, the Eopie, and most of the later CommTech figures. Not to mention the "I should sell for $35 but I'm $80" Fambaa. Looks like you're going for the rest of 'em.

Thanks, Hasbro. I think I speak for the majority of collectors when I say I'd have preferred no Shuttle to a $125 FAO Shuttle.