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    Angry Imperial Shuttle

    First, before I start ranting, thanks for actually getting the Shuttle made.

    That said, I just have to say. . .


    $125? $125? This is going to be the most expensive retail price for any Star Wars toy since the POTF2 line began.

    I mean, the Queen's Starship (the next most expensive piece) was in triple digits, but it was fully electronic and had a cool pack-in figure!

    The Shuttle is having nothing? And yet costs about the same as some people's car payments?

    You listened to us on the Shuttle, but have you listened to anything else? Exclusives are bad, and FAO exclusives are the worst of the bunch! This is a vehicle that shouldn't retail for more than, say, $70. And yet, thanks to it being an exclusive at FAO, it's almost twice that.

    And with a production run of 5,000, it will never be available at clearance prices!

    Most people can't get to a FAO. They're not conveniently located whatsoever, and some of us like to actually see our triple-digit toys before buying them. You've turned many a collector away from being completists with fiascos like Masters of the Dark Side, the Eopie, and most of the later CommTech figures. Not to mention the "I should sell for $35 but I'm $80" Fambaa. Looks like you're going for the rest of 'em.

    Thanks, Hasbro. I think I speak for the majority of collectors when I say I'd have preferred no Shuttle to a $125 FAO Shuttle.
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    I agree, especially a limited run of the shuttle. If the production number was a lot higher then perhaps people would buy them, but only at a lower price. $125 for a piece of plastic. Come on now. I'd rather pay that for a vintage one. Plus if it the same mold it isn't that large. It certainly is smaller than the AT-AT and that retailed for $80 when it was released. I certainly won't be picking this up, especially at FAO one of the worst Toy stores I've ever shopped in. Everything is overpriced there to begin with and I hardly see how they sell anything. Here's one thing I have to say Hasbro:

    STOP THE EXCLUSIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I, and so are many other collectors, am tired of exclusives. Especially by KB since they charge a ton for their regular priced figures and also FAO because they are high priced AND they are not located as easily as other stores.

    No shuttle at all would be better than this overpriced piece of plastic.
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    "We no liken the Hasbro's. They think their so smarty, they tink their brains is so big".

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    Tell me who wouldn't buy it in stores if it wasn't an exclusive, though with that price no one will probably buy it anyway.

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    I've seen the Shuttle and it is larger than the AT-AT; but that still doesn't justify $125. In fact Jargo has a picture of a Shuttle and AT-AT comparison that bigbarada sent him. If one of them still has the picture maybe they can post it.

    Playmates pulled this same stunt with their Star Trek:TNG line when they released the '1701' figures. Figures that had a production run of only 1701. It was intended to give collectors that one elusive item for their collections; but it simply helped kill off interest in the line.

    5000 units is hardly enough to satisfy every SW collector in the world!!! Is Hasbro on crack? Or do they just not care anymore? Maybe both!

    After all these years of collecting, reading this news today was like a blow to the gut. It even takes a little bit of the luster off of a new SW film premiering in less than a month. Thanks Hasbro, you suck!!

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    Dear Hasbro, can you read this?





    I hope it's clear enough so you don't need your reading glasses...
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    LOL EP.
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    This is the first issue I've come across in SW collecting where I wish I were on an adults-only forum because what I have to say to Hasbro, if what we're hearing is true, has a curse word every 3 words.

    In my opinion, that price point is insane and using FAO for this is cruel to fans. All I want to do is yell "I hate you!" over and over at the top of my lungs in Hasbro's Rhode Island headquarters.
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    Originally posted by SithDroid
    LOL EP.
    Believe me, 7 font is as high as it goes, or it would have been bigger.
    Who's a sexy kitty? Who is? Yes, you are. You're a SEXY kitty...

    PHONE BOOK Written by Bendis. Art by Jim Lee. Total copies sold: 15 billion.

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    I thought it went as high as eight... no matter. i'm posting the shuttle pic here so that Hasbro can see that it really shouldn't cost any more than the AT-AT. It may be a couple of inches taller but there's not any more plastic to it. take the electronics out and what you have is a vehicle that should retail for no more than $50 tops. Plastic is cheap re-using a mold is cheaper still. Sticking the fingers up to faithful collectors is cheaper than cheap. let alone making it a US store exclusive and excluding the rest of the world. It even manages to exclude Americans too which is quite some feat for a large company. It's basically insult to the injury of the AOTC figures with wild poses that are scene specific to an insane degree and riddled with useless gimmicks and 'play' features that basically kill the figure line dead.

    Is that what hasbro wanted? To kill the toy line? Why not just stop producing then, it probably would have been kinder. Words cannot express my anger right now. My anger at four Target exclusive figures that I'll never see. An FAO exclusive vehicle I'll never see. And as stated the gimmicks and features of the AOTC line. I'd like to shake the hand of the person responsible for all this. It's truly an achievement to totally wreck a complete toy line.
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