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    Angry None of my TRUs are haveing a Midnight Madness sale

    none in the pittsburgh area, man last time back in 99 me and my friend went and got in the paper and stuff, we had a great time. now we are going to half to go at 8am instead and be late for school and stuff, im just very unhappy with TRUs right now

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    There arent any TRU's in NC that are participating in Midnight Madness either. However I do have 2 nice 24 hr Wal-Marts within 30 miles, so I will be hitting those Mon night/Early Tues morning. Then off to several different stores later on in the daylight hours.
    You should just skip school on Tuesday and make a day of it. That way you could enjoy it more. I know that is easier said than done though. Parents probably wouldnt go for that.
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    good luck kid!

    Let's not engourage that kind of activity. Playing hooky (even when it comes to SW) should not be taken lightly. Even missing one day could put a huge damper on ones grade. think if you miss pop quizzes and all of the homework. you'd have to catch up and this close to the end of the school year you need to be there so your ready for finals. Don't worry the toys will be plentiful. (with the exception of the Wal*Mart exclusive snowsppeder and tie bomber.

    BTW I live in Pittsburgh as well and can confrim that no TRU's are having a Mid/Mad sale. What idiots. they are going to lose millions (all tru's not just in pitt) to Wal Mart. I'm Already frustrated enough by WM so I won't say any more, just good luck and MTFBWY, your gonna need it!
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    None of the ones in OHIO aren't doing it either... no loss.
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    If he has an important test or assignment due that day, yes, he should go to school. If not, why cant he have a day to go and buy toys? One day wont hurt, unless he has skipped before. But I dont see where it would hurt to have a day to go out and buy toys and have fun. You only live once.
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    Neither of the 2 TRUs in Maine are doing it either
    I'll be at Walmart at midnight and my nephew will be with me.Second day back after April vacation,he shouldn't miss anything he can't make up easily.
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    I never cut school... and I mean NEVER. I dunno why... even when I was at university, I STILL went to EVERY class. I never cut. Ehh... that's just me. Then again... I've never smoked a cigarette, taken illegal substances or gotten so drunk I couldn't function or just got sick from it. Look, ma! I AM a JEDI!!!
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    ill only be like an hour late for school anyways

    and are the wallmarts putting stuff out at midnight? cas im sure they are all a buch of slack jawed workers who dont know what their doing and wont let us open the stuff untill the sun comes up cas thats not whent he real day starts according to those frickin idiots...sorry but TRUs are better

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    This is stupid. Wasn't TRU closing down stores because of poor sales a couple months ago? Here in Las Vegas we only have three TRU out here in the desert. I just called all three and they said they arn't doing the midnite madness (even though they have an area with AOTC banners). Looks like Walmart is getting my $400 that nite. You would think that TRU everywhere would do the midnite madness like they did three years ago to get them out of their finacial hole. But no. Instead, walmart will win again.
    But I was going to Tosche Station to pick up some Star Wars figures!!!

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    Ditto for the area TRUs in the Western New York/Buffalo/Niagara Falls area. The manager blamed it on payroll costs and the fact that some of the TRUs are remodeling their stores. I didn't get to participate in the original Midnite Madness and I was looking forward to making the ones this year, but it looks like no dice.
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