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    Must have figures?

    Just wanted to know what are the best must have figures that you guys will be getting

    Mine are

    Jango Fett (Kamino Escape)
    Jango Fett (final battle) Will he be out with the others on the 23?
    Jango Fett (Deluxe)
    Boba Fett (Kamino Escape)
    Super Battle Droid
    Clone Trooper
    Slave 1

    hmmm those are my must haves
    just for now,how about you guys?

    i plan to get the jedi starfighter asap with the Obi-Wan jedi master figure that comes out,and possibly Zam's speeder...i wish the Republic Gunship was alot cheaper then....$40.......if it was $30 i would get it but it donst look like its worth $40 to me.

    Can anyone tell me if the figures i listed will be out on the 23rd too? thanks
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    also i want to get the royal gaurd after seeing it just now !
    Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war.............

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    I don't have to HAVE any of them, but the ones I want most are;

    Mace Geonosian Rescue
    Nikto Jedi
    Saesee Tinn
    Dexter Jetster

    The rest are hit or miss for me. These are really the only ones I'm looking foward to at this point.

    But come next year, when they're discounted to $1.97, I'll probably pick up what I missed.
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    LMAo $1.97
    Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war.............

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    Royal Guard and Count Dooku!
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    I've already reserved:

    Count Dooku
    Dexter Jettster
    Tusken Female

    Still waffling on:

    Shaak Tii
    Nikto Jedi
    Luminara Unduli
    Obi-Wan (Coruscant)
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    Definitely want to have :

    Nikto Jedi
    Luminara Unduli
    Obi-Wan (Coruscant)
    Anakin Hangar duel

    I'll get most of the others, but these I really want to have first.
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    The Republic gunship isn't being released until this fall.
    All the figures you listed should be plentiful on Tuesday.
    I want to try and get Anikin hanger duel and Dooku.Senator Jar Jar and a couple royal guards.Also the tie bomber and anowspeeder are a must ASAP.
    That will do my wallet in for a while.Otherwise I'd be getting evrything I could get my hands on (one of each except for the aboved mentioned Royal Guards)
    OOPs sorry,I don't know about the Jango final battle figure on the 23rd.He's not on the list that was posted on the main page a few days ago
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    Count Dooku
    Jango Fett KE
    Boba Fett
    Red clonetrooper

    I can wait on the others. Heck I guess I could even wait on these, but it would be sweet to get a Dooku early.
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    On the 23rd I'll be going for:

    Jango Fett
    Luke Bespin
    Vader Bespin
    Slave 1

    Then I'll wait for the rest. I don't really have any fears about NOT finding any of the AOTC stuff.
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