I recently unearthed my Star Wars comic collection (all 125 issuees and three annuals from Marvel) and will now set about the daunting task of rereading the entire lot. Anyway, we all know that Jek Porkins fills out the old orange flight suit quite a bit more than most X-Wing pilots. And of course he got quick fried to a crispy crunch. And it took over 20 years to get an action figure made. And he went on to play the obnoxious Lt. Eckhart in Batman. But the biggest insult? His death in the Marvel Comics adaptation (Star Wars #1-6) of A New Hope.

There is little real difference at firts. He's there at the Death Star run, he gets blowed up real good. But here's the rub. If memory serves it is Biggs who is depicted with a thought bubble as he flys by in his X-Wing following Porkins' demise, thinking, "You'll be avenged, fatty."

What was that all about?! Are we meant to feel better about Biggs' impending demise because of that underhanded declaration of vindication?