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    Thumbs up Who's spending lots...How many figures...

    I think I might buy all the figures and anakins and zams speeder....i'lll most likely spend over 200 dollars....gulp!

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    I wish I could get everything at once but it won't be working out that way for me.Not anywhere enough money.
    My prioritys are the Tie Bomber and Snowspeeder and a couple figures.Hopefully Anikin hanger duel and Dooku.Maybe Jar Jar Senator because I've heard he's short packed.That will do me in for a while
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    I'm getting it all!

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    I'm going for it all. Well, the figures at least. No vehicles or 12" for me. I figure (no pun intended) that I'm going to end up getting all the basic figures eventually anyways, so I might as well make it easier on myself, and get them all in one shot. The only thing I want besides the regular figures is that 12" ultimate Jango Fett with the removable armor, but I don't think that's coming out the 23rd.

    If the figures are $5.99 at TRU, and there are 27 of them it looks like I'll be spending about $173. But that is in theory. In reality I'm prbably gonna get suckered into buying more stuff, and spend around $250.

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    Unlike the Ep1 launch I'm not going to get one of everything this time. I'll probably buy most of the figures, but not all. I want the two speeders and Slave 1 (already have the Jedi Starfighter) and if the Tie Bomber is out along with everything else then I'll defninitely buy that.

    But this time I'm on more of a budget, and I'm a little more rational so I'm just going to get the figures that actually interest me. ie: all of the Jedi figures, Luke and Han if they are out on the 23rd etc... Hopefully I won't push it over $200
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    Ill be getting 1 of everything that goes in the 3" 3/4 line including beasts and ships. No 12" for me. Then after this Ill go back here and there and try to buy seconds of everything, and after I have senconds I wait a few more months to start building armies of certain figures.

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    I want to get all the figures (if they have them all out) but first I would love to get the TIE and Snowspeeder as alot of you have posted already. Then I'll go after the figures (if my wife is with me I'll have her get the figures while I get the TIE and Snowspeeder). Then I'll check out the two speeders and be done-I hope. I already have the Slave1-took it off a pallet at K-Mart last week. Well, happy hunting, good luck and don't spend too much money

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    Everything is what I am getting.

    3 3/4"
    12" action collection
    board games
    cereal boxes

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    Im getting it all.
    3 3/4 inch figures
    12 inch figures
    vehicles (Slave I, already have Jedi Starfighter)
    maybe a beast or two
    electronic sabers (Dooku and Anakin)
    whatever else comes out

    Lots of money will be spent!!
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    I'm getting dupes of the 3 3/4" figures along with one of each of the beasts, the vehicles and dupes of the deluxe. Thats all for me.
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