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    The New Superman Movie

    Mired in Preproduction hell for half a decade or more. Originally Tim Burton was to direct Kevin Smith's script with Nick Cage in the lead. Now McG (of Charlie's Angels fame) is attached to direct and he's looking at Brendan Fraser to don the tights. Eugh.
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    I am a big Dc Comics fan but they just can't seem to make a decent movie of any of their characters.
    I am looking forward to the Hulk film next year.I probably wouldn't bother with this film
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    Brendan Fasier. Yuck! And I though Nicholas Cage was a bad choice. How stupid are these people? Can we at least get someone to play the part that actually LOOKS like Superman. And one that can at least act. Brendan Frasier is a horrible actor. Why don't they just get Tom Welling, the guy playing him on Smallville. Sure he is playing a teenager on that show, but in real life he is 25 years old. Surely he could play older. Plus they could tie the series in with the Movie somehow. This is why DC movies have always been not that great. Poor WB has no clue how to do these things correctly. The first two Batman movies were good, but then the next two sucked. I swear they don't know how to run their business 1/2 the time. It's no wonder X-Men and Spiderman (hopefully) are better. The WB has nothing to do with them.
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    Brenden Frizier is better Nic Cage, no question. I think BF wouldn't do that bad. But I agree, most of the stuff WB has done with DC stuff has turned out bad. The only actor I know of who looks like Super Man is Puddy from Sienfeld, and I don't think he'd do a good job. Who knows maybe Superman will swoop in and save the day by playing himself.
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    I respect both of these actors because they have had their movies; The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, Face/Off and The Rock were quite good movies, but for crying out loud, in no way can they be Superman!!!!!! It seems Cage is trying to get his face into some super hero movies as of lately, he also was trying to get the part of the Green Goblin in Spider-Man.
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    I am a big Superman fan, and I dont think Cage or Frasier would be good for the role. Not that they arent talented, but certain actors fit certain roles.
    Now, as far as someone who looks like Superman, I have always thought Chris Klein had the look. Sure, he seems a little soft and geeky on the surface, but wasnt Clark Kent just like that? And this would be a perfect breakthrough role for him, just like Spider Man is going to be for Tobey McGuire.
    Chris Klein. Does anyone else agree with me?
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    I think Brendan Fraser is one of the best younger actors in hollywood, but he's not right for Supes (though I would buy him as a Christopher-Reeves-esque clumsy Clark Kent). I dunno, it just feels wrong, but then again, I wanted Jerry O'Connell to play Peter Parker instead of Tobey Maguire.
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    I agree JangoFett 96. Chris Klien does have the look and he is a decent actor. I just think he's to young. I don't know. When I think of Superman I think of a Man. Not a young man. A guy who is 30 something, but is still ageless. I think its going to be hard to find an well known actor who is 30 something 6'5' tall and 230 lbs of pure muscle with strikeing good looks and jet black hair.
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    Chris Klein. Please for the love of god no! Let us at least have someone who can act and not sound like a surfer. Someone more suiablr, and more toward the age, would be Bruce Campbell. He already has a huge fan following, so that would bring people in.
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    i don't think a known actor would be good for this role. it would be better if they got an unknown, so our preconception of the guy didn't get in the way. chris reeve was an unknown, but in my opinion the best superman ever. i'm more concerned with a decent story and director.

    if they hire some jackass like joel "schmucker" or put out crap like like superman 3 or 4 or batman 3 or 4, then they can keep it.

    i read a while back that the creator of the ABC tv show "alias" is writing the screenplay. he does a good job with that show, so maybe there is hope.


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