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    What does your significant other think?

    I started this thread to see what everyone's boy/girl friends, husbands, wives, etc thought about their SW hobby. This may have already been discussed, but I also wanted to know if there are any single people out there, have you ever been reluctant to tell a date or somone you are interested in about your hobby? If you have has it affected their outlook on you?
    For example, I went on a date with a girl a few months back and we got to talking about our hobbies. I mentioned that I was an avid SW collector and she gave me the cold shoulder, kind of like I was a total geek or something (which I am). Now there is another girl I am interested in here at work. She is eager to get to know me better, yet for some reason I am not too sure about revealing my hobby yet.
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    my girlfriend tolerates it, but never passes up an opportunity, when I say I don't want to spend money on something non-SW-related, to say, "Oh, but it's okay to spend money on your [insert dripping sarcastic inflection here:] STAR WARS stuff!"
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    The 2 girlfriends I've had seemed to have not minded my obsession with SW, but then again they are pretty much SW fans themselves also.

    As for what my current significant other thinks; me, myself and I seem to all agree that it's #1 A-OK!
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    I just asked my wife.And she roled her eyes and laughed.She is great with the whole thing and she knew about it before we started seeing each other.She has been very supportive with he whole thing.As far as any advice,I'd say be up front from the start.Don't waste your time with someone who may develop a problem with you later on once they are fully informed so to speak.Besides you don't want to be with anyone who won't except you as you are.
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    Youre right. I wont talk to her no more.
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    well you might want to find out if she has a problem with it first.You won't know 'til you ask.If she gets all snooty then get away from her
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    I too have faced the problem of telling people I collect toys. Never once did I tell a girl that I was interested in that I collected these things. I don't even tell people I am friendly with that I collect these things. Few people understand and most think poorly of the hobby. I don't know why, but they do. My fiancÚ is very cool with my hobbies, and she even helps me look for new stuff. She even encourages me to go and hunt and buy things. She forbids me to play with them though (I don't mind, I don't really play, I just like to set them up "on display".).

    My previous girls didn't think much of it either way. None judged me because of it (at least I don't think they did), but they didn't really care. I have had the argument about spending money with one of them and that wasn't fun.

    My fiancÚ' is great about everything. She thinks everything is cool. The movies the toys the whole experience is fun to her. I'm glad I got her.
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    Me and my girlfriend have been together for about 4 and a half years, and we got into collecting SW figures together last autumn. Its a completely mutual thing (as much as any male-female relationship is - she's in charge at the end of the day) and she likes it as much as I do.
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    My girlfriend thinks it's funny. She picks me up the odd thing, and with the rarity of SW in these parts, that's a BIG gesture. Especially since she's not too interested in it at all. I'm allowed to put up a larger-than-life Jar Jar in the kitchen, and binkses in every room.
    What do others think? (not the topic, but an interesting point anyways) I'm not too worried about that. For some reason the way I look attracts floorwalkers like CRAZY (and I've never even spent a night in jail!), and generally makes people recoil and try to avoid my gaze. Works like a charm!!
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    My girlfriend just calls me a dork, and lets it go at that. She doesn't really care one way or the other. As long as I keep it in the den
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