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    Originally posted by master jedi
    The Japs bombed Pearl Harbor not the Germans!!!!

    Anybody want to take this one? I'd reply but it'll be better coming from someone else...

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    The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. There's a world of difference in those two terms--as in between an adjective to describe inhabitants of the nation of Japan and a racial slur.
    Tommy, close your eyes.

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    Umm, that's not it.

    Does Animal House mean anything to anyone?

    But I digress. Bucket O' Figures! That's the point here.

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    The whole "Germans attacking Pearl Harbor" thing was obviously meant as a joke. No reason for anyone to get upset.

    Now, as for the Bucket of Stormtroopers, I'm still behind it and would be first in line to buy one if they ever came out. You can never have too many Stormtroopers.

    Especially if you want to make sure your Emperor figure gets a proper welcome.
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    I didn't mean Japs as a racial slur. I was just too lazy to type Japanese. I'm sorry if I offended anybody.

    About this bucket o' troops. How many stormtroopers would you want per bucket?

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    Well, I look at it this way. If the standard retail price is rounded to about $7 per figure, then it might stand to reason that at least a third to a half of that is due to packaging and distribution requirements from start to finish. If you hack off, say $3 per figure in this case, then a Bucket O' 10 Figures should cost around $40. While that seems like a lot up front, keep in mind that the alternative is searching for weeks on end for 10 identical figures (ie, Stormtroopers) and paying upwards of $70 for them all. For one bucket, you've saved nearly half the money not to mention the gas and time it would have taken to find them all on cards.

    I'll return to perceived value as well. The excuse most commonly bandied about for Hasbro not producing some items is that kids are their primary target. Most kids in the prime demographic don't usually have the kind of income to buy a Bucket O' anything OR individual figures either. Plus there is big competition for this age group from Pokemon, Digimon, Powerballz, and skateboarding stuff.

    Where does the purchasing money come from then? Parents. Most parents are reluctant to buy toys, much less a lot of them if the price is too high for what is "in the box." This is where "value" comes in. If a parent can buy, what is essentially, an "instant playset" in a bucket for cheaper than could be bought in individual contaniners, they are more likely to do so. As a parent, I would.

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    I know that I would buy all remaining stock of Buckets in my city. I would also travel to stores outside my city and buy buckets there too. I know there has to be at least one person like me in every region. I guarantee that a regular size run of these things would sell like hotcakes. Given a chance to buy 100's of Stormtroopers for a decent price, $3-$4 each, I'd jump on it. I would even if they didn't fix the wrists and knees(kneeling). But I think they would, so that would be even more incentive to buy. It would be like a regular monthly bill for me. Car Insurance, Cell Phone, Bucket O' something. =) If Hasbro really does read this section they need to realize they would make truckloads more money if they did this.

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    I had posted an earlier suggestion to this thread that Hasbro might be more likely to go for a window boxed set of Stormtroopers along the lines of the Batman Animated Series gift sets that appear at TRU. This got me thinking again about a custom boxed set I've wanted to make, but lack the capabilities to do the box justice (i.e.; a decent scanner and printer plus the technical skill to bring it all together). So I will pass this on to others in hopes that someone more able than myself can make such a thing happen. Even before the wonderful new Tatooine Stormtrooper was released I thought it would be fun to get two or three Sandtroopers, Uncle Owen, Aunt Beru, and a couple of Jawas and make a "Troops" boxed set (based on the fan film of the same name). Anyone up for the challenge?

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    It is rather ironic that so many feel that they would buy 100 Stormtroopers if they could get them at a decent price, yet there was a point when I saw close to 100 CommTech Stormies at $2.00 each at TRU (combined total seen at about four stores). I bought ten myself, but for the longest I could have bought even more. They sat on open peg for weeks on end before winding up in bins and finally disappearing. That would make retailers hesitant to invest in big buckets. Plus the modern dynamic of toy stores is "the more pegs the better". They really hate "shelf" things, prefering easy to move and reset, minimal space taking pegboard items.
    However, if the Fan Club is looking for a new exclusive, here's the perfect choice! The Fan Club would be better suited to have a bucket (or bulk box) type of arrangement than a retail store. Not to mention that stores would have to worry about theft (yes, there are those collectors who are not honest and would have no qualms about skimming the odd trooper out of a bucket or buying buckets, removing one or two and returning them for a friendly refund). The fan club could offer something along the lines of "Army Building Bulk Packs", various troopers or other generic multiple characters sold in drab, brown cardboard boxes with "Stormtrooper Bulk Pack" on the outside and a mess of individually bagged troops inside. No frills, no fancy color packaging, just what the army builder wants, (esentially) loose figures!


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