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    Holiday special figures

    Okay, now that you've done the Animated Fett, it's not too unreasonable to ask for certain other figures from this show.

    In specific, I'd love to see a Chewbacca family pack including:
    Malla, Lumpy, Itchy and of course the obligatory Chewbacca.

    We've got plenty of Chewie molds to choose from. Use a Yarua mold for Itchy would work, just change the head, then repaint as neccessary.

    Use one fo the Wookie Warrior molds from ROTS for Malla and of course repaint to match her fur markings. Maybe a new head (non-threatening mouth)

    That just leaves Lumpy to be done as an all new figure.

    So for Hasbro this is a farily simple set to do as most of the parts already exist.
    Charge no more than $20-25 for this set and I think we'd have a winner here.

    It would be a nice Holiday pack. The packaging could have the Holiday "Christmas" feel to it, without having to change the figures themselves. Maybe the inner packaging could look like Chewie's home on Kashyyyk with Chewie coming through the "door", Malla at the other side of the box, Itchy in the middle sitting down and a little alcove at the top of some "stairs" where Lumpy looks to be playing with toys. Very easily done, IMO.

    Here's a photo of the family for reference:
    It's very easy to tell who's who, but for the sake of it, obvious Chewbacca is easy to tell, Malla is next to him, with Itchy sitting down (in white fur) and Lumpy the child Wookiee.

    If you feel like it, you can throw in a Han Solo for good measure, but he's really not needed for this set.

    This is a serious request.
    Thank you.
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    Even though you've said Zutton and Animated Boba are all you're making, I beg you to reconsider. Do you realize that I've passed on Boba several times, since there won't be anyone to keep him company? Had you even said future Holiday Special figures were a possibility, I'd buy one.

    Malla, Itchy, and Lumpy are the bare minimum. I'd say Akmeena as well, just because how incredibly cool would a Bea Arthur action figure be?
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    In the top 50 EU characters poll, I had several Holiday Special figures listed, but it was ignored. Besides the Chewbacca family and cantina patrons, they could finish the rest of the main characters from Boba Fett's animated debut.

    The rest of my top 50 mostly contained figures from the Droids series and Ewok movies.
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    I would buy the slew of these figures if ever made.
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter View Post
    Do you realize that I've passed on Boba several times, since there won't be anyone to keep him company?
    At least you've seen him.

    I'll have to see if I can find the April fools pic that Toyfare ran of the Wookie family ahwile back...

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    while not at the top of my want list, if they made these i would buy them just because chewie is one of my favorite characters.

    As for Bea Arthur...a golden girl is star wars...why the hell not! though she better be a online exclusive or someting because she wont sell any other way....oh the peg warmer she would be in stores.

    The animated Fett actually peg warmed for a while here, until word got out that wally world had a rack of them then it took about 30 minutes for eight of them to be gone...

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    Wouldn't an online exclusive called "The Old Ladies of Star Wars" kick arse? It could be Jira, Akmeena, Jocasta Nu, Padme's mom, and Mon Mothma (ROTJ).

    I am totally serious.

    Hell, pretend Yarna's old and throw her in.
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    They could do a Deluxe Lumpy with sex chair! Haha. Ahhh...I kill me.

    I wouldnt mind that beast that Boba was riding. Art Carney would be cool. Oh and they need to make some Stromtrooper figures that hold their blasters wrong.
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    That would be Itchy with the Wookiee porn chair. Had Lumpy used it, Wookie Protective Services would've taken him away from Chewie.
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Chuxter
    Do you realize that I've passed on Boba several times, since there won't be anyone to keep him company? Had you even said future Holiday Special figures were a possibility, I'd buy one.
    Yeah, too bad they've never made Ceremony Luke, R2-D2, C-3PO, Han Solo, or Chewbacca figures. One day, maybe. If only all of these characters were currently on shelves, but, alas . . .

    Apart from Chewie's family, which have been in a few other projects, I don't want much of anything from the Holiday Special. I'd rather they focus on the films and new shows instead.
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