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    Hey Cool Use for R3's electricty.

    Hey you can use your R3 electricity to shock that pesky Luke Skywalker. And for my bespin Han Solo when he gives me lip. It works a lot better than just shaking my fist at them. Lousy beatnik action figures. Anways any other cool uses for these new "special effect" accesories? I like using Jango's blast effects and crazy intergalatic ice cream cones. What about you guys?

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    I've noticed that the blast effect that comes with the sneak preview Clonetrooper looks a lot like Lukes lightsaber blade on the original US release Star Wars poster (the one where he's holding it above his head and lookin' all buffed with Leia draped around his legs!). It'd be great to make a diorama out of that image!

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    My Jawas are using R3's blue thing to re-enact the capture of R2-D2. Pu-tini!
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    You could also use them to make ice stalagmites for a Wampa's lair diorama. just spray them white and embed them in styrofome or something. Or you could give them to small children of about four years old and let the see how many body cavities they can get them stuck in. Children love small items like that. The R3 elecro shock stuff is fun if you stick it around your pet cat or dog's paw while they sleep and then laugh as they wake up and try to remove futiley. The hours of fun that can be had with useless gimmicks. Alternatively you could fashion jewellery out of them and sell them at flea markets to girl students who will pay large sums of money for any old rubbish if you say it was made by Angoran peasants and under the traidcraft scheme. That way you make back the money you laid out for the excess plastic packed with the figures and the expense of a heavily printed cardback and excessively large blister bubble. So you can buy more excessively packaged figures and start all over with the accessories junk jewellery.


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