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    Anyone know the title of this song??

    I heard this song when I seen a commercial for the latest movie called The Muskateer. An awesome mix of background percussion, an orchestra, and a choir. What a song.... I must have it!!!!! Please help.....

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    Any lyrics? I've heard LOTS of songs that fit your description. Or you could check musketeermovie dot com (usually that brings you to the film's site; I don't know for sure) or the movie studio that releases it, and see if they have some credits listed there.

    I HATE when I can't remember/don't know the name of a song!
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    I didn't even know there was any music in The Musketeer. I was too busy paying attention to the fact of how bad the movie was.

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    I suppose there is lyrics, but it's a big choir and you cant understand what they are singing. I've looked for it on Audiogalaxy to no avail and cannot find the soundtrack fro the movie anywhere. I think I will take your advice and check out the movies website (if there is one) THX

    SOunds like it was a pretty bad movie huh? I never seen it nor I probably won't. Doesn't look that interesting to me. Thanks for the warning.

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    Lightbulb jd, try axin your quextion. . .

    . . . here & i bet someone there'll have the answer for you. just tell em vt sent ya

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    The track is from Plunkett & Macleane (1999) by Craig Armstrong. It isn't on The Musketeer soundtrack, which is by David Arnold (and is quite good despite the film itself). It was released by Astralwerks in 1999

    Catalog Number:
    0170 4 66260 2 6 ASW 6260-2

    For the definitive Trailer Music listing, see . They don't review everything, but they have quite extensive lists and track listings for even the non-score soundtrack discs. A Favorite-Place worthy site in my opinion.

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    You da man Mike Troxell.... That is it. Thats the song. I got the song and absolutely LOVE it now. Thanks a bunch.

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    Wait, that's not right. It's "Hey there, hi there, ho there, you're as welcome as can be. M-I-C... Oh, it's musketeer. Sorry.
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