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    What is Midnight Madness?

    I've just read a thread about midnight madness at TRU. What is this all about? Please could someone tell me as there is a TRU near me. As for the free Darth figure what is it? Is it a boxed figure or loose?

    Please help.....................


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    midnight madness is where the TRU stores open up at midnight for the release of the figures. They are only open from midnight until about two a.m. and it gives collectors the chance to be the first to buy the toys. there's usually a big party atmosphere as people queue up outside. then once the doors open it's madness as everyone rushes to grab what they want to buy and be the first through.

    The giveaway toy is a TOYFAIR metallised Darth vader figure. The one that everyone was going nuts for a few weeks back when the american fanclub had some to sell. It's on the black TOYFAIR card not the regular toys card so a big collectible in many people's eyes and will be worth a ferw pennies in a few years time. The TOYFAIR vader goes to the first 60 people through the doors.

    you don't say where you are bobabill. If you are from the UK, there are 11 TRU stores opening at midnight on the monday the 22nd If you go to you should be able to find a store near you that's opening then. If you're from elsewhere in Europe you're best bet is to try and find a TRU near opening up for midnight madness.

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    I cant find anything on the TRU site, but i live near the Ilford store if that helps. If not what stores will be opening that night

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    The best thing I can do for you is to point you to this site The Private Universe because it's a British collecting site that posted a list of the 11 stores opening on monday night. I'm not telling you to leave here and go there instead, just saying they have useful info right now. Your best bet is to keep checking the site for updates because at times the updates are a bit slow. The news article might have slipped off the front page but if you check out their forums under the cantina button at the top of the page you might find the info in a thread there. I'll check for you myself but it's still worth bookmarking the site for the future as they have all kinds of news for UK collectors too. could come in handy with all the store reports recently letting us know who's got what and where.


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