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    Mail Away Mace Windu......

    Now I've stated before, that I thought it was pretty crummy that they didn't release this one on the card (Much like they did with any Vintage Sneak Preview figures)......because it is clearly superior......

    I waited to get this figure, because I thought it WOULD be the same as the carded one.......when I found out otherwise, the price on ALL Mace figures had skyrocketed, so I couldn't get one then either.....

    well, recently the price dropped on them (Actually it's been a while, but I've been broke) I finally got my Mail Away Mace today......

    and what a great figure it is too! my question you consider it a POTF2 figure (As the package indicates?) or and Episode 1 figure......or both????

    this figure is much much better than the carded one.......I like this type of robe better than the 'wraparound' kind......and it looks more like Samuel L. Jackson is definitely one of my favorite figures of any Episode 1 character....

    so, which Mace do you like better?

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    I concider it to be a EP1 figure, but it is in a few catagories. (One) it's one of the few mail aways, (Two) it's a pre-view figure and (Three) the figure that ended the POTF2 line. I like the mail away much better, but I hate it because of catagory (THREE)
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    Actually, it did NOT end the POTF line.....

    the Commtech Figures did technically......
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    I liked the Mail-away version as well.

    I just recently got mine, too. I think I paid like $8.99 for it. I saw the new Mace Windu figures that were coming out for the AOTC waves and thought that they were sheer garbage... and they are!

    I put my carded version into storage and kept this one out. He is FAR superior to the EPISODE I version. I consider this a POTF2 figure as the AOTC preview figures were a part of the POTJ line.

    Nice thread... by the way!
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    So, it looks like you can still send for it?

    I never sent away for the mail away Mace. Is this the one that comes in an irregular box that is black and green? If so, I've seen this on a couple web site for approximately $10. But if I were to get it through the mail away program how much would it be and where do I send for it.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Okay, yeah, it's that figure.......

    but, the mailaway program for it ended in 1999, sorry......

    it was $2.99 with the purchase of 6 figures, when the promotion was going on.....but like I said, it's best to just get it online, or at a flea market.....

    I paid $10 for mine, and was very pleased with it......I don't consider it money lost, because I paid that much for my Cantina Band Member, B'omarr Monk, and Spirit of Obi Wan......
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    I got my Mace mail-away the Saturday before TPM hit and it was $10. I also have the E1 carded Mace, but i prefer the mail-away, so i got an extra to open. IMHO it's better because his hood is down and his face looks more like Sam than the other one does. Maybe i can switch heads with the new AOTC Mace(?)

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    The faces and the Arms on the new Mace figures are just plain wacky. I hate the new ones... totally jake.
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    I agree JEDIpartnr

    The 'static pose' Maces are the best.....
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    I consider it an Episode I figure. And it is probably one of my all-time favorite figures. It looks the most like Samuel L. Jackson and is overall, a cool toy!
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