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Thread: SW vs. ST!!!

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    Talking SW vs. ST!!!

    I came up with this as an homage to 5 of 9, apparently our resident Star Trek fan. (It's okay...I'm one too. )

    Who would win, Star Wars or Star Trek?

    SW's advantages:
    -the Death Star

    ST's advantages:
    -big, powerful ships
    -more advanced technology
    -warp drive is way faster than hyperdrive

    So what does everyone think? Also, who is more useless, the Red-Shirts from ST or the Tantive IV Rebel Troopers of SW?

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    I dunno. I think hyperdrive is faster than warp. At the end of ESB, we see that the rebel fleet actually leaves the galaxy that they were in. In Star Trek, space is so huge that the Delta quadrant, which is as far as any federation ship fleet has gotten, takes decades to traverse at the highest warp factor. And none of the territory in ST goes beyond the boundaries of the milky way. Now there have been rare instances of super-beings or strange happening where a ship does go much farther and faster than any SW ship could hope to travel, but those are very episodic in nature.

    The modern conveniences of ST are more advanced than SW. Replicators, holodecks, & transporters. But none of that would win a war. Medical technology is also several times more advanced in ST. Regular humans can apparently live several hundred years. In SW, that so far has not been shown to happen. You only live that long if your species lives a long time (such as Yoda). Also, you apparently cant even get scarred or lose limbs or eyes in ST. They can all pretty much be replaced without the use of robotic replacements. Replacing eyes is still apparently artificial, but I don't remember anybody losing a limb that they couldn't get back in ST. If you lose an eye in SW, your only option is to put a patch over that sucker. Scarring is also quite permanent.

    Weapon technology is about on par. In SW:ANH, blasters had kill and stun settings. Ship to ship weapons and sheilds are also about the same in capability. Sheilds have their role in SW, but on most ships they either don't exist due to expense, or they aren't powerful enough to withstand the weapons used against them. When the Death Star II had its sheilds up in RotJ, the rebel fleet didnt even bother to shoot at the sheilds to weaken them, because apparently they were simply too powerful to weaken. Both universes also share some ship technology such as tractor beams, cloaking devices (a rare, but present technology in the SW universe), and energized torpedo weapons.

    Star Wars ships are also many times bigger in several instances. Star Destroyers, espeicially Super Star Destroyers, dwarf just about anything in the ST universe save for the occassional episodic alien ship.

    The jedi aren't exactly that powerful in the SW universe, as by the time of the OT, they were all but wiped out by the empire. Blasters win the wars.

    Ships, weapons. and speed, the SW universe outranks the ST universe. Modern convenience/medical technology, the ST universe outranks SW.
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    Actually, warp is MUCH faster than hyperdrive. In ESB, they could have just been in the outer rim...and therefore it might have been a different galaxy they were looking at. The ST galaxy is based upon our own, while the SW galaxy is apparently much smaller.

    Anyway, hyperdrive is something like twice the speed of light, while Warp Factor 9 is something like 3,053 times the speed of light.

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    i remember that on one episode they went to warp 20, didn't they?

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    SW because st sucks big time!!!!!!!!! I really, really hate st, more than I hate aurra sing. Most of it is probably due to the numerous attacks on SW by st fans. I don't consider SW to be science fiction at all. Sure there are space ships, and cloning, and blasters, and whatnot, but those things are incidental. st, in my opinion, is a haven for wannabe intellectuals who like to make themselves sound intelligent by muttering nonsensical technobabble. This one jerk at work was always doing this, I'd like to punch his fat face right in!! He once told me "Star Wars is for the layman" as if there is some sort of hierachchy of movies of which st is the top. Please, I saw some of those movies and I could pull a better one out of any bodily orfice in about 2 minutes. Just a bunch of crap to cater to Comic Book Guy type, fat, lazy, computer geeks who are so bitter with the world that they have to invent their own. I know a lot of good decent people like st, and that they are not all like those jerks, and I don't mean to insult anyone here but I really don't think that SW and st can be compared. I mean that's like comparing the Smurfs and NYPD Blue. SW is more of an escapist, nostalgic, even introspective to a certain degree, type of series, while st seems, to me anyway, to be some sort of prediction of how great the future is going to be. I find science fiction to be so preachy and arrogant. I hate it, but what I hate most is when people compare SW with it. I know I'm gonna get in trouble for replying to this thread.........
    Hating aurra sing since 1999.

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    i strongly agree that Star Trek sucks big time!!
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    need vintage parts and weapons

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    Yeah, STAR WARS all the way!

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    Thumbs up

    Star Wars wins because Star Trek has Kirk.

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    STAR WARS would kick STAR TREK's arse! Star Wars might have a holiday special but it's still alot better than Star Trek. Star Trek doesn't have Jedi Knights or lightsabers. All they have are strange men with pointy ears (no, not Yoda, he's cool!).

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    It's good to see EVERYONE supporting SW. I'm so proud of you all...I knew you'd come through. I have foreseen it. The Force can be a powerful ally...


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