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    Question Is palpatine a Jedi?????

    I always wondered if palpatine was a Jedi...

    If he was, then how come none of the Jedi Council recognize him or even felt that he was strong with the force???

    your thoughts.
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    I've always heard this one explained away as "Hard to see, the Dark Side is....." I guess it makes sense, somehow Sith (or at least Palpatine) are able to keep Jedi from sensing the disturbance in the Force that they would cause.

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    Palpatine is not a Jedi. He's a Sith. Like Fulit said, he's able to keep jedi from sensing his dark presence.

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    I believe Palpatine is a Jedi, but not trained by the Jedi council. I believe the Sith are Jedi, perhaps in the way one might say Catholics are Christians.

    As for this "the Jedi never sensed him" stuff, I think it's not an issue since the Jedi never sensed that Darth Maul was behind doors or bearing down on them in the desert, nor did Luke sense the Emperor's true abilities in ROTJ.
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    The original Sith Lords were jedi, (SW Tales of The Jedi) two of them fled the Republic to a distant galaxy and conquered the Sith race. (Thats why they are called sith) After the death of the original Dark jedi's, the following sith lords had to learn the sith ways by Sith Teachers, which means they are no longer Jedi's. However this story is E.U. thus is not considered canon, maybe Palpatine was also a Dark Jedi but no one in the council knew of him...??? Well, i guess we will find out in the next films.
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    I guess jedi can't sense Sith behide doors and walls?

    His a sith so he might have the power to cloak himself from the Jedi.Maybe Jedi can only sense true evil of someone? And since Palpatine was not as much evil in EP they couldn't detect him?
    You fool, my reach is far greater than the Jedi.Only a Sith can wield the force over such a great distance.'' - Darth Sidious

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    I believe that the Sith can hide thier ture self and is one the thier greatest feets.That is why the jedi can not see him for what he turely is.It gives them a Ace in the hole for when they need it.

    No I don't think he was a Jedi.I believe he trained as Sith.If someone out there knows for sure,please let us know.
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    The only reason why Yoda had that line about "Hard to see, the Dark side is" is because Lucas had to come up with a "plausible" way that Darth Sidious could be right under the Jedis' noses without them knowing it. It was totally the opposite with Luke and Vader in ROTJ. They could both sense each other's presence being that far away from each other, but it served the purpose of the movie to have them ID each other. I throw it up to just a needed plot device.
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    I always felt that the reason why the connection was so strong between Luke and Vader was because they were father and son. The force played a large part, but the connection between father and son made it possible. I do not think that Palpatine is a trained Jedi. I see him being someone who taught himself by reading some old books and stuff like that.
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    I think the closeness of their relationship is what gave Vader and Luke (and Vader and Obi-Wan) the ability to sense each other. However, in ROTJ, Palpatine did not sense Luke's presence on Endor when Vader did, and we KNOW that he was definitely a Sith there. Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon don't sense Maul behind a door less than 15 feet ahead of them in Ep 1, and Qui-Gon doesn't sense Maul on the speederbike in the desert either.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "In Brooklyn, a castle, is where dwell I"
    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.


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