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    I wonder how Palpatine fits in with the midichlorian issue?

    Does he have a high count, thus explaining his force lightning abilities?

    Or does he have a very low count, because "hard to see the dark side is"?

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    My guess would be high. I believe he would have to be powerfull to put off all that he does.
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    I would assume Sith would be able to learn how to mask their evil intent when around Jedi. However, it would probably be an aquired skill. Palpatine would teach it to Maul since he was supposed to be a secret weapon; but Vader wouldn't really need it and even if Palpatine taught him how, he would probably never use the ability.

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    I think Palpatine is just there and when he's alone in his room everynight plays with toy lightsabers and pretends he's a sith and a jedi at the same time.

    If he was a Sith: 12 Jedi Masters, 2 Jedi Knights, and the Chosen one wouldn't be able to sense the Dark Side right next to them even if it was hard to sense? Palpy if he was Dath Sidious, I doubt wouldn't been able to hide himself from 14 Jedi and the chosen one while standing right next to them.

    If he was a Jedi: That'd be even wierder than him being Sidious.
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    I know this sounds like I'm splitting hairs; but maybe since the Jedi weren't actively searching through Palpatine's brain they weren't able to detect him.

    Who knows? I'm just flying on fumes now.

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    Perhaps Palpatine has on some special kind of clothing, like that made of the (whatver that animal is called in the Heir to the Empire series, where Thrawn puts them up around everywhere because they repel the force), which could explain how they couldn't sense him. Just like Superman can't see through lead.

    I don't know, thought of it off the top of my head.
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    I think you're all wrong. The real reason is poor writing and/or execution.
    It's a blacked-out blur but I'm pretty sure it ruled.


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