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    whos going to indiana?

    Im on my way to indiana tomorrow. Im from the Philippines and i just went here in the US for the starwars phenomena. Im currently at Califoria. I was wondering if any of you starwars collectors are going to the celebration.

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    I live in Indianapolis so I don't need to go there, I'm in Indy already! A pre-welcome to you from the Crossroads of America! I think you'll like it here.

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    I'm not going... so close and so far. I have a busy weekend... my mum's birthday on Friday, a wedding on Saturday and torturing the neighbours with a staged lightsabre battle on Sunday!
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    Wish I could go.....
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    I'll be there! I am really looking forward to visiting Indiana as well, as I have never been there before.

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    I live in Indiana as well. It is really exciting that I don't ahve to go far for something so big. This is the first ever Star Wars convention here that I know of and luckily it is the biggest and the first to offer an exclusive figure and it is none other thatn George Lucas.
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    [torturing the neighbours with a staged lightsabre battle on Sunday! [/B][/QUOTE]

    Annoying the neighbors with lightsaber battles....what a great idea! I remember when E1 came out, I was at a friends house all day, and we were having battles out in the back yard. Ahhh....memories.

    I will not be attending C2 ultimately. I've spent a little too much in the past 3 weeks to spend even more. Oh well...
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    I'll be there all 3 days! Oh yeah.

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    i live in indiana but since iam outta cash and found out of this too late i cant go >__<
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