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    I just solved the mystery of Anakin's origin!!!!!!!!!!!

    I don't know why I never thought of this before but it'd brilliant! (IMO anyways) Sidious has some sort of relationship with the Kaminoans, so it is possible that he has them extract genetic materials from a leftover relic of one of the Sith Lords (maybe Darth Bane or someone else) and had them make a clone embyo, possibly beefed up with extra midichlorians (Anakin). Knowing the Jedi prophecy about the "balance to the force midichlorian conception theory" he had the embryo implanted into Shmi (unbeknownst to her) to fool the Jedi. What happened next could be revealed later in EIII but remember, Shmi and Anakin were not always on Tatooine "since I was very little, three, I think". I know selling them to Gardulla the Hutt might not be the most obvious choice for Sid for them but he is a master of the Force and probably forsaw, somehow, that they would lead a relatively secure life as slaves, ready to be found out somehow by the Jedi. Remember that patience is highly prised by the Sith. The whole no father thing bugs me. I think that it will definately be more than another "I am your father" thing though. If Anakin found out that he is a clone of a sith lord then I'm sure that would lead him to the dark side, especially when combined with his anger over Shmi's death and the whole marriage situation. I think the coolest thing would be for Palpy to lead Anakin ionto some ancient sith shrine fuul of the tombs of a thousand years worth of Sith Lords somewhere in the bowells of some planet and reveal these things to him.
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    Re: I just solved the mystery of Anakin's origin!!!!!!!!!!!

    Originally posted by Bosskman
    he had the embryo implanted into Shmi (unbeknownst to her) to fool the Jedi.
    yeah, what'd he say, "Yeah, just lie down on the table, and spread your legs. you wont feel me artificialy impregnate you." sorry, i just dont buy it.
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    There are always drugs they could have knocked her out with. It's no dumber than her geeting shagged by Dooku without knowing about it. I just don't by the whole midi thing.
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    ya what are we susposed to think, the medicoloines are like playing god ?
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    Originally posted by Bosskman
    It's no dumber than her geeting shagged by Dooku without knowing about it.
    i dont buy any of that. "Palpatine is his father." "Dooku is his father." "Watto is his father."
    it was the Midiclorians.
    think about it, do you think Watto would put up with that? i thunk thats where the Watto as his father came from.
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    Cool idea even though I doubt it'll turn out that way. If it were to happen it'd be like Palpatine having a hand in the birth of Luke and his own eventual downfall.

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    Ain't nothin' divine about Anakin. Shmi is full of it. I do wonder if they'll ever resolve this.

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    Bosskman i like your idea but i don't buy the clone embryo thing,
    maybe Darth Bane's seed i could see that and I don't think you can clone somebody with a natural birth. I also don't agree with the midi's idea either like yourself.

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    Anakin's real father

    I've been posting theories in the wrong place for two weeks now, I greviously appologise for that error!

    Anyway, the reason I start this thread is because I want to read your opinions of why Anakin cannot be a clone.

    (oops, I did it again, sorry admin)
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