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    reply to master jedi quote

    Originally posted by master jedi
    It would take a lot to make me stop collecting Hasbro toys.
    Only if they release another Tatooine Luke.

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    I'm still waiting for the POTJ Midichlorians. I wonder if I can use the RealStands to display them?

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    The only thing thats gonna stop me collecting is being hit over the head by a Bantha.
    It is getting harder and harder to get stuff in Australasia though Hasbro New Zealand are pretty far behind compared to what's available in the USA, but hey I grab anything I can lay my hands on.
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    Unless they stop production of 3 3/4" i wont stop collecting.
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    Re: reply to master jedi quote

    Originally posted by kal-el
    Only if they release another Tatooine Luke.
    What about the 25th Anniversary Tatooine Luke ?
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    I stopped collecting Star Wars figures after finally succumbing to my disgust of the rampant scalper menace out here in Southern California.

    "Oh look! No Star Wars toys again..."

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    Scalping sucks around here in Iowa too, RSA.

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    I love Star Wars and I love collecting Hasbro's figures. HOWEVER, I do have a few gripes. The POTJ line of figures are so difficult to find it is rather annoying. I think Hasbro needs to keep stores interested in their figures even though another movie may be a ways off. Another extremely annoying thing is the re-sculpts of the same characters over and over and over and over. I know I'm risking crucifixion here, but some of these figures put out with just the tiniest bit of difference are shameless. A price cut on figures in general may be in order also. Compare a Star Wars figure to a McFarlane figure that costs a buck more. Big difference. Anyway, like I said I'll always be a fan, and despite some venting here, do not see quitting collecting Hasbro's figures any time soon.

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    I have now pretty much given up collecting current Hasbro stuff, only because it is now near impossible to actually go to a shop in England and buy something off the peg. Despite being promised by Habro that POTJ would be released in the UK, this doesn't seem to have come about. What you lot from the US see as pegwarmers, I would love to see in TRU over here. The only way to get things is to buy online or go to a dealer, both proving to be expensive. Any new POTJ figure goes for about 8 which I think is about $12? At those prices, you can't try to keep up with a complete collection. I now only rarely buy something if it completely blows me away i.e POTJ Sandtrooper. I have given up collecting anything released for EP1 or after as a bad job and am now going back to try to complete my tri-logo collection with missing THX figures and SS/LT figs. Damn those European Long Photo cards that never came out in Britain! Over 100 for the Ewoks carded. Suppose I'll have to sell my ICONS luke lightsabre to fund the collection completion. Oh well. The circle is now complete and I have finished moaning. Thank you for your patience.
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    I've become pretty selective about what I collect now. If it's a figure I really like (and I can find it at retail), I'll buy it. If not, no big loss. I figure, rather than fill those "holes" in my collection, I'm better off filling the holes in my bank account.
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