View Poll Results: Have you continued collecting Hasbro toys since the release of Episode I?

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    Still Collecting Hasbro toys?

    Let's talk about the above poll!
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    It would take a lot to make me stop collecting Hasbro toys.

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    I would only stop collecting if the scuplts and overall material quality slipped. It's nice to see Hasbro kinda taking clue from the fans as to what they would like to see while keeping the overall marketability of their products in mind.

    I can't wait to see what is in store in the coming year. All indications show the releases to be quite promising.

    Kudos to all involved!!
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    I agree with Master Jedi. The Episode 1 glut really sucked and all but it really didin't make me want to stop collecting. Plus had I quite collecting Hasbro, I wouldn't have been able to experience the new figures coming out!
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    I wonder what EpisodeIsucks' opinion on this is? I have cut back on my toy collecting since TPM, but Hasbro still gets some of my dough these days.
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    Collecting After I

    I stopped when the influx started. After finishing up the original Episode I wave I kindly found better ways to spend cash.

    For me the magic was between 95 and the release of the original Episode I figures, but since Hasbro flooded the market with kazillions of Episode I figures, and various variants I became disgusted.

    I do like the new figures however, and continue to buy the ones that really interest me. I'm just praying that we don't have clones of Attack of the Clones figures showing up until 2005.

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    It would take either a nuclear apocalypse or a full frontal lobotomy to get me to stop collecting SW figures. No matter how many figures I own I'm never satisfied, I'm always thinking "okay, what's next?"
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    I had toyed with the idea of only continuing to collect original trilogy figures once EP I came out, but I never considered stopping altogether. And once I heard about the May 3rd sale, I couldn't stay away. Though the unneccessary rescuplts and just bad ideas (Deluxe Figures, Commtech chips, Hungry Hero Jar-Jar, price hike...) of the Ep I line annoyed me, the quality of the toys has just gotten better. It would take a lot to stop the momentum now.

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    I'm still collecting Hasbros Star Wars toys but not as much as I did before due to a high price tag
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    No way I'm stopping! Since '95 I've got 2 of each figure and most vehicles. With Ep2 coming up and the vast improvement in character selection and sculpts, it's gonna get really good!!

    My only question in all of this: what happens after Ep3? How many waves will there be after they release Ep3? Then what. I'm hoping for Eps 7,8 &9.
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