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    Question Favorite OT moment?

    This has probably been asked before, but oh well...
    What moment in the whole of the OT (and Episode 1 if you want) is the moment that makes you really know you like Star Wars. The moment that makes you excited, that makes your heart leap (ok, getting carried away now...)
    But what is it?
    Mine has to be the battle over the Sarlacc Pitt, I love everything about it I have to admit.
    What about everyone else?

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    My all time favourite is the scene where luke first meets Yoda in ESB, and Yoda steals some of his food and kit and has a fight with R2.

    My second favourite is the whole Besbin duel bit, particularly the dialogue.
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    Of course that Yoda and R2D2 bit is one of the best and funniest bits also. So that's my fav bits in ESB and RotJ, what about ANH and TPM?
    It has to be when Luke is watching the setting suns on Tatooine with the Skywalker theme playing in the background. And for TPM, the quote 'We will never do anything without the permission of the Senate.' I love how that bit is said, particually when you know it is a complete bluff.

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    I haven't decided yet about ANH, but i've got an idea:

    Vader is on the Death Star and he says something like: "I sense a presence, a prescence I have not felt since" and then turns round and storms off. It just always cracks me up, i'm not sure why.
    I like the sequence near the start where C-3 and R2 are walking across the desert too.

    As for TPM, this has been my favourite bit since I saw it, and hasn't changed once:

    Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, Amidala and the rest of them are all in the hangar in Theed, and they are walking towards a huge door. And then it opens, and Darth Maul is stood there, and then they shed their robes and turn on their lightsabres. Love it.

    Still haven't decided about ROTJ. I might watch it later.
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    My fave moment is the Greedo shoots first scene... Only kiddin!!

    Mine will have to be Luke's "I'll never turn to the Dark Side" speech at the end of ROTJ. When the whole Saga is complete you will be seeing Luke taking the same steps as Anakin did, and you would be expecting him to turn at any moment. Luke is probably also unsure of which way to turn, and then it click in his head. He will not take the same path as his father. He would rather die. He stands up to the Emperor and tells him that he has failed. I think that is the most powerful part of the Saga and it is by far my favourite bit.

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    yeah that moment in TPM in the hangar is great but I also like the fight on bespin with all that dialogue
    in the past the whole ROTJ movie gave me my SW feeling
    oh and the scene with the sandtroopers in the desrt and the one saying : "look sir, droids"

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    I like the melancholy scene where Luke is staring out at the Twin sunsets, too.

    I also like the scene where Han, Luke, and Ben meet for the first time. "This could be the start of a beautiful friendship..." Look at how much trouble those two end up getting into over the next few films...
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    I love the scene in ANH where Ben lowers his hood for the first time so you can see his face.

    Also when Wedge first appears in ESB! He made it!
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    I have many, of course but here's one from each film:
    ANH: when Luke just found out that his aunt and uncle were killed and he comes back to Obi-wan and says "I want to go with you to Alderan, I want to be a Jedi."
    ESB: Yoda lifting the X-wing out of the swamp. -this is also one of my favorite clips in the score.
    ROTJ: Han is recently unfrozen, and finds Chewy in Jaba's dungeon, and Chewy is trying to bring Han up to speed on what's happened since he was frozen. "Jedi? Lukes a Jedi now?"

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    My favorite scenes:

    TPM: Definitely when Maul, Qui-Gon, and Obi-Wan are dueling in the Theed hangar and Maul kicks Qui-Gon out of the way...does a butterfly kick, twirls his light-staff and then uses the force to smash that little ball to open the door to the reactor core...all the while still fighting two Jedi with alot of style.

    ANH: Han Solo running after the stormtroopers and then suddenly stopping and turning around and running away from he shots his blaster back at them.

    ESB: All scenes with Darth Vader - especially when the Empire storms the rebel base and Vader is the third guy entering the base menacingly looking for Luke!

    ROTJ: When Luke deflects all the laser bolts at the Sarlaac Pit, but especially when he deflects the laser bolts from the speederbike and cuts the stearing veins off.
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