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    Sounds like a great idea!

    I won't be able to get to it today, but I'll be happy to handle any proofreading/copy editing on the letter. After all, that's my job.
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    Thanks El Chuxter.I'll be posting the lett to GL later as well
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    here's the Lucas letter for your editing pleasure.
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    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    I am right onboard with a "Stop the Exclusives" petition.
    I have ranted and raved about the difficulty in finding many of the "elusives". Now I only get mad about them because I know that I will most likely not be able to get them due to retail shortages - and I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to pay scalper prices!!!

    I think if Hasbro feels the need to produce exclusives, they should be offered through a market that would most benefit the fans and collectors who most want them the most, i.e. the SWFC or direct sales. The only ones who benefit from store exclusives are the g@dd@mn scalpers!!!

    Hasbro, quit keeping all the scalpers in business. Let them all go get real jobs, and let us collect our toys in peace at reasonable prices!!!
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    I say we get some lightsabers and plan a coup on Hasbro's HQ.

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    It's funny they call em exclusives, cause thats exactly what they are!!! They're not inclusive, but exclusive, get it?? LOL...

    Anyway, I agree, there is not an FAO Schwarz, Target, or any of the other stores located within 500 miles of here.... all I get is WM, KMK, KB, TRU, & EB (when they have figures)

    I like what eliwan called em, & what I think I shall call em from now on "elusives" Instead of a FAO Shuttle Tyderium Exclusive, it shall forever be known as the FAO Shuttle Tyderium Elusive!!

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    I too hate exclusives...I was lucky on the last two that I bought...Tie Interceptor (stumbled across them) here in Canada after patiently waiting for about 4 months...and I was very determined not to miss the Tie Bombers and Snowspeeders...managed to get two of each. There are three exclusives that I wish I could have gotten...all are Target of course (Y-Wing, B-Wing (tried to get it shipped to Canada from Target.COM...and they cancelled my order because I was Canadian! ARGH!, and the SKIFF!). The FAO Swartz exclusive Shuttle will be another one that I'll never see. I never saw this ship when it was released in 1983 and so I will probably resort to building my own.
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    Angry Elusive Exclusives

    I totally agree that there is no practical reason for them. Hasbro claims that they help to make toys that otherwise would not get made. Take the Tydirium. Hasbro is going to spend $$$ redesigning, producing, and packing this enormous ship, only to make 5,000 of them? The only people this helps is scalpers!
    How do I know?
    Several years ago, I had my heart set on the new Y-wing from Target. Well, that's ok, thought I, for there are 3 in my area. Wrong! The day they hit stores, scalpers bought them all up. Complaints to managers fell on deaf ears. They didn't mind that one person was allowed to buy 3 whole cases of them. And what do you think he was going to do with them, open and play?
    Emails to Target were pointless. I was told, "because the Y-wings were *poor* sellers, we decided to not order any more from Hasbro." Poor sellers? How can anything that sells out before it's put on shelves be considered that?
    Every toy show I go to, there are scores of them, many still in their Target cases. Dealers want $100 for *1* of them, way up from the $30 or so retail. Ebay sales are about the same price. Isn't it odd that a vinatge Y-wing, complete, is cheaper?
    Hasbro claims that the thrill of the hunt is going to please fans. Do I sound HAPPY, Hasbro? Happy that I couldn't find the one toy I truly wanted and now can't buy?
    Hasbro doesn't care about collectors. If they did, they'd end this useless exclusive crap and make them available for everyone.
    Hasbro, why not make ALL toys available on your website? I know many people don't live near Targets, Wal-Marts, Toys R Us, or FAO. How will they get their exclusives and be happy?
    I want my Y-wing, Hasbro. I want my Y-wing!

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    They shouldn't be called exclusives but EXCLUDIVES because they exclude people who don't live near an FAO or a Target. I read a Hasbro Q & A at and one dude lied by saying they make sure that exclusives are available to all collectors. Well, we just got a Target in Maine this year--I've missed all of those EXCLUDIVES!!!
    AND the nearest FAO is in Boston. So they lie when they say they're concerned about the collector.

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    Hasbro will NEVER EVER stop with the exclusives. Why? It would take the buzz away from certain toys. Do you really think that say... the TIE Bomber would sell as much if it wasn't exclusive to Wal-Mart. If every retailer had the opportunity to sell that item it wouldn't be as "collectible" in the eyes of resellers. Thus it would cut out a majority of those who purchase these items for quick resale. The way it is Hasbro has not only fans but "scalpers" as well. They wouldn't miss a chance a making a quick buck!


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