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    Exclusives need to be stopped. I for one missed out on the 25th Anniversary Vaser because the stupid Fna Club website was not letting me order one, and now if I want one I have to pay around $100 because all the SCALPERS bought them with the intention of selling them on ebay. I am getting sick and tired of this. I love collecting Star Wars, but if I am unable to get the things that I want, then why collect at all? I am seriously debating on whether or not I should keep up with my collection. Back in 97-98 I stopped collecting for a while because I got tired of it, but then I got started back about the time EP I was released. I might just take another break or stop collecting altogether because it gets real iritating when all you want to do is complete your collection and you have these exclusives released that get bought up by scalpers because the scalpers KNOW that they are exclusive and therefore harder to find because they are not availble at every store.

    Also dear Hasbro, if you do indeed read these: Please release more of the 25th Anniversary Darth Vaders so I can get one. I talked to the Fan Club about it and they said that it wasn't up to them to get more in, that I had to talk to you. Please make collecting fun again by letting people get what they want.
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    Moving it back up guys.I think E.P.s idea is a good one.WE NEED INPUT ON THESE PETITIONS!!!Now that we're starting to talk shuttle again the time is ripe.Come on guys lets move on something other than complaining in ignored posts.
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    Originally posted by kevfett
    Hasbro will NEVER EVER stop with the exclusives. Why? It would take the buzz away from certain toys. Do you really think that say... the TIE Bomber would sell as much if it wasn't exclusive to Wal-Mart. If every retailer had the opportunity to sell that item it wouldn't be as "collectible" in the eyes of resellers. Thus it would cut out a majority of those who purchase these items for quick resale. The way it is Hasbro has not only fans but "scalpers" as well. They wouldn't miss a chance a making a quick buck!
    I never thought of it that way...imagine...Hasbro having their own scalpers working for them! Hmmm...makes you wonder!
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    I'm back - and just as ****$ed as ever!!

    It's been two months since the release of the TIE Bomber and Snowspeeder and I still haven't seen ONE of either of these items in my area Wal-Marts - and there are SEVEN WMs within 15 miles of my house!!! What the he!!??
    On the contrary, I see lots of them on eBay, and my pal just went to the local scalper show and found TONS of them - all starting around $60!!

    What, you think us collectors have unlimited funds to purchase this stuff for any amount, from wherever we can get it?!

    And now with the Target Accessory Packs coming out - half with figures that were already hard-to-find the first time around - I can already see that these will be a pain in the @$$ to find.

    What's the deal, Hasbro?! Why are you making SW collecting so impossibly aggrevating? Don't you want to please your customers? Then stop the godd@mn exclusives!!! The only ones that benefit from the exclusives are the lowlife scalpers that just camp out on storefronts and hoarde everything to try to turn a profit off of kids and collectors. How does that influence your marketing plan, knowing that these things rarely fall into the hands of the people that want them most? All is does is drive people away from collecting (THAT MEANS NOT BUYING YOUR PRODUCT ANYMORE!!) because they refuse to pay a king's ransom for a little TOY!!
    If you feel the need to make limited numbers of any item then they should be made available thru a source thay would benefit the people that most want it, i.e. direct sales or the SW Fan Club. You've done that before - why not any more?

    Do all of us a favor and take your product back from the scalpers and put it in the hands of the kids and fans!!!

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    Count me in. I hate exclusives! Exclusives are elusive inclusive repulsive explosives! Touch them and what happens? You lose an arm and a leg paying for them.
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    Quite my thoughts exactly. So sick of American only exclusives. Said it before and I'll say it again, the world is not America. There's a whole world of collectors beyond the two oceans Hasbro and we'd quite like to see some of these toys too. We'd quite like the opportunity to buy the accessory sets, to get the vehicles at a fair price, to see the fanclub exclusives... yes, the fanclub is America only too. Hasbro UK are ****! As useful as a chocolate watch. Half the stuff coming into the UK isn't even shipped by hasbro themselves because Hasbro UK refuse to handle the toys. I've spoken to several independent retailers and they all import from America and the orient and cut out the Hasbro middle man completely. And that's because Hasbro couldn't organise a shipment on time if they had all the clocks in the world to run by and all the shipping staff in the world to do it. Hasbro are complete and utter bastards. They don't give a **** about anybody and think they can fob us off time and time again. The assume we'll all go nuts for a crap trinket like Jorg Sacul and forget about all the other wrongs they've done. Well I think hasbro can shove their Jorg Sacul and Toyfair vader where the sun don't shine and get up off their fat lazy arsesd and get with the frickin programme shipping the right figures and the right amount of figures to the stores that order them and on time. They can ship the toys to the whole damn world so where the frick are the exclusives this side of the frickin Atlantic? Where are the frickin fanclub exclusives this side of the frickin Atlantic? Hasbro you are so full of ****. You are so up your own arses you can't even see which way you're going. Well I'll tell you - you're headed down the rocky road to oblivion. You can't get anything right for getting things wrong. Fans and collectors are abandoning you in droves and there's no mystery why. Even the kids think your products stink. You insult them with crap like collection one saga figures. Kids do not want those gimmicks. those gimmick laden figures stay on the pegs everywhere I look.

    In short, get the distribution sorted and the exclusives stopped. Ship the stuff globally. Stop with the **** case assortments and stop shortpacking figures. All figures should be solid cases only and stop withnthe dictating to retailers which cases they get. Allow retailers to choose the figures they know they can sell. The blackmail thing is wearing thin. Unless this and other problems are sorted out soon you're going to find you pay the ultimate price of financial crisis when your annual fiscal reports are up the swanny. But you know that anyway. You've already stuffed up once too often for most retailers. They're turning their backs on you right now as I type. clearing their stocks and not re-ordering. It's not because they don't want to sell but because you treat them like ****! You are a frickin joke Hasbro.

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    Dryanta, I'm with you all the way, so lets get this petition out to Hasbro, George or whoever it may be that can solve this serious problem. I believe if Hasbro had a council of collectors that they would help out the exclusives situation along with the scalping issue, and most of all the quality of the toys. We need this to ensure that the bulk of the collectors do not give up, we also need this to make sure that shipments are evenly distributed WORLD WIDE. Tell us what needs to be done, ( ie. sign or what) and we are there for ya.

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    You've got my signature. Usually exclusives are in hard-to-find stores, and they cost a lot extra because they aren't available anywhere else. But I'm glad that it usually is 12" ones that are exclusive.
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    Those letters are really good, but to show them we mean business we have to include as many names on those letter as possible.

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    First off Let me repeat,This was eternal Padawan's idea.I'm just the guy that volunteered to write the things.
    Now my suggestion would be wait and see what E.P. thinks of what was written.If he want's them used then send them to every one you know who collects.Take them to the other sites.Print some off and have them with you when you go to the Toy aisle.Lets get these finalized and swamp Hasbro and Lucas with them.And I mean swamp.No mamby pamby few thousand.
    Now I ask for a volunteer to get the info needed as to where to send them.And have that added to each petition.Enough words that are ignored here.Lets shut our mouthes and burn the same amount of energy passing these things around.
    No more wasted time.We already missed Cel 2.enough is enough.Agreed?
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.


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