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    Talking Free books at Celebration 2!!!

    Kinda makes me wish I could go....

    they're gonna have an entire hall dedicated to foreign books, tables stacked FULL.....

    the best part?, they're ALL free!!!!!

    you just get a bag, and 'shop' until the bag is full.......and then you get to keep every one of them for FREE!!!

    man, I'd walk out of there with the most overstuffed bag anybody's ever seen.......the only thing that would hold the bag together would be a prayer, and the hope that the plastic molecules of the bag could remain strong enough to get me out of the hall.......'d almost be worth the price to get through the doors....
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    Judging by the -zero- replies to this thread, I'm guessing you were joking.

    Did they really do this? I never heard about it in ANY of the reviews I read.

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    Yes they really did this and it was a joke. It was a mad house in this area. Worse than the line for the Jorg. My dad stood in line for a long time Saturday and didn't even get a single book. They were gone in like 5 minutes. They just gave you a bag and let you fill it up. I think two things happened. They didn't have as many books as they thought and some people abused it and just took scores of books they couldn't even read.

    It wasn't an intire hall either. It was in with the exhibitors and the celeberties. So, just getting in that place was crazy. You had a long@ss line for the books and a long@ss line to get an autograph. It just wasn't set up to well. To many people and not enough room. They didn't utilize the place very well. Keep it to small when they could and should of used every room there.

    Oh well, live and learn. Can't wait til CIII
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    My friend and I did the book giveaway right after the C2 store Friday morning. The line wasn't too bad. I picked up several hardbacks, Rogue Squadron paperbacks, foreign comic books, etc... The majority of the books were foreign but most of those that I picked up were in English. Some of the foreign books I got were as a novelty, such as a German copy of PM novelization.

    I didn't know the giveaway occurred on Saturday, too; when I walked by mid-morning Saturday, to do the autograph pull, the area where the books were was empty.

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    Here's a lesson, my young padawan learner, that my friend and I learned from C1: If you can manage to go all three days, do (and buy!!!) as much as you can on the first day. The crowds aren't nearly as bad on the first day. So if you have to stand in line for two hours for a speaker it's not so bad.

    I'd also read about the book sale in advance off the Internet so that helped, too.

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    The whole celebration was sorely mismanaged.

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    I thought it was better organized and operated than the Denver show. The fan club organized C1. They thought they knew how to run a con and it was evident they didn't. Wizards has the expertise and experience to run a big show.

    However, as was the case for C1, I think convention organizers underestimated the crowds and potential interest.

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    Thanks for the undo lesson. I knew lines would be longer on Sat than on Fri, so that wasn't a big shock. That's why I got in line first thin on Fri for a Jorg, because that's what I really wanted. Anything else was just gravy. I don't think I needed a lesson, I'm not some 12 year old novice to such things. True, this may have been the biggest, but that's probally true for a lot of peple. My whole point was how badly it was organized. I mean you had 10,000 people staning in line to get Carrie Fishers auto and 10,000 people standing in line to get a Jorg and then there was the 20,000 people who where standing in line and they didn't even know what for.

    This may have been better organized than C1, but that's not saying much. That's like saying a Tornado is better than an Earthquake. Niether was organized very well. The convention center was not utilized very well and directional indicators where not even present. I didn't even know where the museum of props was at until Sunday.

    Anyway, what ever will be will be. That's in the past and if there is a CIII I hope they organize it better and plan for 70,000 fans
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    Didn't mean to insult your intelligence there, icatch9.

    I was fortunate at C2: A good friend of mine secured exhibitor passes for himself and family. He let my friend and I borrow for a few hours Friday, and we got into the main exhibit hall a half-hour early and into the store without any problems. So while everyone was standing in line for hours for Jorg, we were already at the book giveaway.

    Kinda off the topic but I'd like to hear THE true attendance figure for the three days. The latest Insider says 27,000 people attended but I've heard and read upward of 75,000 - 100,000 people. (I think the Indy papers said 75,000.)

    In preparing for C3, I think organizers should plan for 75,000 - 100,000 and then add another 25,000 on top of that!

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    No big deal OC47150. It's cool you got in early. I don't like underhanded stuff, oh who am I kidding I'd of done the same thing . Did you notice any dealer or anyone trying to buy tons of Jorg Saculs when you where there earlier .

    Yea, I'd agree that somewhere around 75,000 people would be a lot closer than 27,000. I don't think they planned for 75,000 people. You are right, they should plan for 200,000 people. What's the problem if they over plan. I think they should of had the people line up for Carrie Fisher on the football field. I also think they could of sold out ever seat in the stadium if they would of had the concert there. There is room for around 75,000 people in the stadium, and I think that may have been enough room
    If you want to find it you have to shop.


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