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Thread: Baby Ewoks

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    Lightbulb Baby Ewoks

    I would love to see the baby Ewoks released...sold separately or included in The Ewok Village. Here's my vote for them.
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    Y'know, as Lucas gets older and softer with it, he seems to be falling into the cutesy trap more and more. We had the annoying brats in episode one and no doubt more of the same in episode two *nudge nudge wink wink * So i wouldn't mind betting that at some point we will see a female ewok with wokling under her arm. Horrible as that thought is I can just see the danged thing hanging on the pegs in my minds eye.... Oh boy!

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    Jargo's right, like it or not we will have an Ewok momma with Wokling either under her arm or in a woven basket. Awwwwwww cute!
    And expect a passle of brats in EII if the "Padawan Babies" Episode II Select photo is any indication.
    Oh the horror!
    Hopefully, if any are tapped for speaking roles they can ACT! Not like those wooden kids that were Annie's friends. I've seen more range from rocks or trees!

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    Thumbs up

    I personally would like to see an Ewok mother with Wokkling made. I think it would be really cool. It is something that has never been made and something a little different.
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    They did make some of the baby Woklings plush form, and I'd love to see the action figure made too. Ewoks are not my favorite characters in the movies, but they are a part of the SW Universe and that's good enough for me!
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    Dear Forum members,

    Thank you for your request. We have two responses:

    1) In reference to a mother/baby on your life.

    2) Don't ever say "Wokling" again.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

    Johannes Vienhelm
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    Why not?
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    Y'know Jargo, you just gave me a very amusing mental image of Emperor Palpatine sitting at his throne, with Vader and his advisor's before him, pounding on his armrest yelling, "WOKLING!WOKLING!WOKLING!" .
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    Maybe the Baby Ewok could come in a Bucket of Ewoks
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