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    Exclamation Micro Machines Epic Collections 4-6

    Anybody out there, i am looking for Micro Machines Epic Collections 4-6. i know they're very hard to find, at least for me anyway. if anyone has any leads on one or more of the sets please let me know. thanks

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    Arrow don't feel bad, it ain't just "at least for you". . .

    . . .the only ones of us who Don't find them hard to find are those of us who ain't lookin for em no more my pal b'jr has a couple xtras, he probably wouldn't part w/em, but feel free to tell me what mms you might have to trade & i'll be happy to run any offers by him

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    what i can part with

    thanks for giving me the first and only positive lead i've had on these sets. as for trading i'm not sure what i have he would want. i have six action fleet vehicles, opened w/boxes, 2 of them alpha series i'm willing to part with, as well as 5 mini heads from the pizza hut line unopened, that i can let go. and for what its worth, tons of vintage G.I. Joe from when i was a kid. most of these pieces are complete, but i have no boxes and as always i have greenbacks if he's not interested in what i have to trade. please keep in touch with me as i have no other leads to follow on these sets. thankyou very much!!!!

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    Red face don't thank me yet. . .

    . . .cuz i'm afraid none of that stuff would tempt b'jr to part w/his xtras he was thinkin more along the lines of rare st, sst, meninblack and b5 mm ships, and he wouldn't sell his xtras. hmm, maybe somebody on a gi joe forum might be able to trade you for some of your vintage gijoe stuff. meanwhile, this forum's baal is another possibility for trading, albeit a slim one.
    the only other thing i can recommend is staying tuned to this forum, in case me or anyone else here scores some & then offers them to our fellow forummers here. one never knows


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