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    Naboo Starfighter?

    Should Hasbro make another one for AOTC with a removable R2 Unit and bigger Cockpit?

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    i'd like it.
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    If so, it should be a Wal-Mart exclusive, and come with an exclusive figure, a new R2 Unit, maybe R2-A6 even though he's not in the film, though he's in Ep1.
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    exclusive!?! I think you should get a lot of angry comments from other forumites now... but not from me since the german sites always sell the exclusives too so I don't need to worry about that if I want one of those

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    Well Wal-Marts are everywhere.

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    Nah, it should be a Fan Club exclusive.

    There are dozens of N1's at TRU for $7. There are dozens of Nute at TRU for $1.97. It makes so much sense.
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    If it's a Fan Club exclusive, I can't get it. I'm not a member.

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    Actually if it were a Wal-Mart exclusive it would probably be the least expensive there.

    Unfortunetly, the R2 would probably suck because in the N1's the head pops off the astromech and is raised so it can see outside the ship while it's body stays inside. They wouldn't be able to use the current body for the mold.
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    Sean the Hutt
    let's not do that! there are far more interesting vehicals before another naboo starfighter! a tie defender! xizors virago,etc

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    In some areas there are still TPM naboo N-1s lingering on the shelves still, right? I seriously doubt Hasbro will be making another one any time soon. It was a good design, but never reached the popularity of other ships from the classic trilogy.

    And yeah, I'm not looking foward to any exclusives right now after what Hasbro did to that shuttle.


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