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    What was the best R2 and 3PO?

    Just wondering what your opinion was on the best R2 and/or 3P0? Oh and what is your favorite droid apart from these 2?

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    I've only got 2 R2-D2 's (First Ep1 with rocket boosters and FX) and 2 3PO's (AOTC and Ep1)

    AOTC 3PO is my fav.
    Ep1 R2 in my fav.

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    Hands down, the C-3P0 with the coin is THE best.

    I like R2-holo leia my self. Also from the classics I like the Droid factory R2-D2....

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    Artoo with holo Leia is still the best version of Artoo out there.

    As for Threepio, I still haven't seen a version that does him justice. The POTF2 offerings were more detailed than the vintage; but still not proportionally correct. Plus they always make his head too thin. If I had to pick one, though, I would pick the Purchase of the Droids 3-pack version. The only one I've seen that is actually the correct shade of gold.

    The Ep1 version of Threepio was, as Toyfare described it, "an ambitious nightmare of a figure." Hasbro pretty much did the best they could considering what they were trying to sculpt; but the end result just looked sloppy.

    The droids were my favorite characters as a kid and Artoo was the first SW figure I ever had waaaaay back in 1978, when I was 5. However, I always dreamed of seeing droids in a film that didn't look like someone was inside them; but didn't look like puppets when they moved. Thus the Battle Droids and Destroyer Droids from Ep1 are a wish come true and some of my favorite droids designs ever.
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    MM coin C-3PO w/ siler leg and Holo Leia R2 although the deluxe is also cool. My all time favorite droids would be the POTJ FX-7 and POTF2 2-1B Medic. I'm partial to droids anyways and these two droids just happen to be from the best Star Wars film "Empire"
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    U know I hafta reply....

    My favorite R2D2 is the Holo Leia one and my favorite Threepio has to be the Purchase of the Droids with the coin one coming in second. Now as to one favorite other droid, that is extremely hard because my favorites are the Death Star Droid, the Red one from the Queen's Starship, the new R3, Zuckuss, TC14, 21B, Fx7,and the new R4. But if your talking my favorite from the movies it has to be R5D4, even though he has not had a decent outing in plastic. When is a decent R5D4 coming??????

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    POTF2 R2-D2 w/Datalink & Tools + R2-D2 w/Holo Leia.
    POTF2 C-3PO + C-3PO w/Removable Limbs + E1 C-3PO (think it looks really detailed with all the wiring)

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    I like R2 w/holo Leia the best with the R2 w/tools a close second.

    As for Threepio, that's tough. I think they all are kind of crummy. I guess my vintage take-apart one from ESB will get my vote since it at least has a good gimmick and it's much better than the POTF2 version.
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    My favourite Artoo is the EPISODE I Artoo. The holo Leia one is nice, but I think he's too tiny and his head sculpt is off. The detailing and colouration of the E1 Artoo is spot on... save for the "holes" where the boosters come out.

    My favourtie Threepio is the Millennium Minted Coin version. However... if the new droid factory deluxe version is as good as it looks on-line... that MAY become my next favourtie version!

    My favourite droid apart from these two would have to be... R3-T7 or R4-M9.
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    Best R2: R2 w/ Holo Leia.
    Best Trilogy 3PO: 3PO w/ Coin
    Best Prequel 3PO: Upcoming E2 Deluxe 3PO.
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