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    Handmaidens,Yes Oh Yes need them for the starship.
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    Handmaidens? tagwa! Ting cooing moulee-rah!!
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    In stead of bringing out four handmaidens in one style bring out one in each different styles

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    QLD has a really cool idea! But then again, Cinema Scenes are my all-time favorite!

    It's time for the orange/yellow gowned maidens. We also need the marooned-clad gals as his supreme emperor-ness jargo has proclaimed

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    Yes to handmaidens (who had a lot more screen time than Gasgano, most of the Jedi council, the cantina aliens, Jabbas palace aliens, etc etc.)

    And Yes to bringing back the cinema scenes. (I do miss those, so)

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    Hmm, looking at my episode one visual dictionary I decided that I like the look of the grey clad handmaidens from the victory parade scene. chuck in a parade gown Armadillo figure and there's a great 2-pack idea.

    just found this thread as I was rooting around and thought I'd add a little more support i was also just looking at my Theed display and wishing that Armadillo had her handmaidens entourage as she rushes through the hangar to her ship.....

    *sigh* maybe one day...............

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    hey jargo who don't happen to have some pics of that diorama ?

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    Well unfortunately no. I just have the royal starship and a load of sad looking figures at the moment waiting for a bunch of handmaidens to show up. It's on the lowest shelf of my display unit and the dog keeps knocking armadillo over for some reason who then knocks into all the naboo guards an sio bibble and panaka. Finally like a domino effect the battle droids go down taking the jedi with them. last man standing is R2-R9

    no, if i had a digi camera I would take some piccies but I'd rather wait until I've done some backing scenery for the displays. Like my imperial docking bay diorama that has been waiting for walls for ages, and the Jabbas palace I have detailed plans for but not the time to make. I'm adding in some more shelving space this spring so I may get round to it so it looks cooler than just dumped where it falls. I should get the displays photographed though. God alone knows how long I spend positioning the figgies every time the dog knocks them over... I should record how they look when positioned in a standing pose not horizontal and all in an orgy of messiness.

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    Oh, yes...

    I started this thread oh, so long ago. I still can't believe there are no handmaidens in the works. It just seems so odd considering we will still be seeing even more decoys in the future. Oh, well. We push on...
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    I'm always up for more female figures. And they would definitely lend a certain pagentry to our displays. The fact that they are always just standing around in EVERY Amildala moment gives those scenes a very interesting look.

    Bring 'em on!

    Do the hand maidens make any appearance in Episode II.


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