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    Handmaidens anyone???

    Now that we have another fab Queen figure on the way... how about turning in a couple handmaiden figures for us!

    I have the Starship... no handmaidens. I have the palace set up... no handmaidens... where are they????
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    I definitely want to see a Padme' in orange handmaiden costume figure, the rest are identical to me anyway, so just put that one out and I'll buy 4.
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    Handmaiden two pack I say! Handmaiden two pack!
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    the master jedi
    I don't see why they haven't made those orange handmaidens yet. I also don't see why they didn't at least release Shmi Skywalker in the episode 1 line.

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    did you ask shmi a question?

    shmi is in the works as we have seen in the action figure section

    count me in for some handmaidens but how about the red garbed ones on coruscant as well?

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    With all the criticism about the salt 'n' pepper shaker figures, Hasbro may have shied away from making the handmaidens as this is technically how they would have turned out due to the costumes they wore.

    I'm all for the marroon cloaked handmaidens and the all orange robed ones but I hate the orange/yellow ones.

    Give it time and we'll get one or two. Look how long it's taken for us to get any more ewoks or Hoth figures.

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    Lightbulb An idea...

    I posted this in the POTJ forum, too... I think a Queen Amidala Collection would be great, although it may be a little late now. It would be a collection of two-packs, each with a Queen and a handmaiden. The handmaidens could quite possibly all be the same figure, thus reducing the cost. But the Queen figures would have to be incredibly detailed, of course, to do the costumes justice. Perhaps this could be developed for Episode II or something.... I don't know how important the handmaidens will be in the next movie.

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    Hell Yeah

    I am down for handmaidens. At least one. I would also like to see Amidala in whtie with the Globe of Peace.
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    Talking Handmaidens

    Screw the toys. Send over some real handmaidens!

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    A Deluxe Cinema Scene with Amidala and her handmaidens would be cool. It will never happen, but it would be cool.


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