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    Thumbs up The RARE E2 Convention Lucas Variation Revealed!

    Here is your exclusive peek at the rare version that is only @ 1 per 100 regular figures because of the high cost of plastics. You could call it the old version. Thanks to Jedi Rodman for smuggling the scan out.
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    That's a funny one. This is a joke right. Uh, someone confirm that isn't real.
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    It's a joke.
    I feel a great disturbance in the Force.

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    Some very nice photo doctoring. For some reason I like the regular version better though, it looks more proportioned with the skinny head they used which you can tell if you look closely.
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    The G.Lu. figure should be with the Jek Porkins body! Come on people, it's realism we need here!

    BTW, isn't his call sign, Flannel Five?
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    And just when Hasbro was starting to make figures there true sizes. They break the mold. Well at least this will be a easy custom to make. How many here are going to open theirs?


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