View Poll Results: What do you expect to find from AOTC tomorrow?

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  • all the toys you're looking for with plenty to go around for everyone else.

    68 32.69%
  • all the toys you're looking for but only with some hunting at different stores.

    46 22.12%
  • most of what you're looking for with some pieces left to chase.

    63 30.29%
  • I'll be lucky if I find enough to satisfy myself that whole week.

    10 4.81%
  • I don't plan on shopping for my toys during the initial 'rage.'

    21 10.10%
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    I won't be going to MM but my dad will stop by Walmart on his way to work on Tuesday and he will get all the toys that I want. He did it with the TPM toys and got them all.

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    Your Dad ROCKS!

    I would think if my son has his way, half of what I get will be opened... Thats what happened after Episode I..
    depends on how much I can get away with spending...
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    Wish my dad was cool dad wishes he could throw all my figures away! I said...over my dead body!!!

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    In the two TRU's within a hour of my house, neither of them are doing a Midnight Madness. So that means that the 24-hour Wal-Marts will be packed. I just hope the Wal-Mart manager for this town recognizes the demand and actually puts the figures out around midnight tonight.

    I think the hype will be much smaller this time around, though, many people don't even know that there IS a new SW movie coming out. One Wal-Mart toy section manager told me, when I asked about new figures last month, "Oh, since the last movie was such a flop, they discontinued making SW figures two years ago." Way to know your job, guy!
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    I think I'll have a pretty good chance of getting most of the stuff I need.The toysrus where I live say that they have about 6 pallets full of the new star wars merchandise!( They open at 6:00am tommorrow)The wal mart say they have around 8-9 pallets! Plus I've been getting alot off of ebay also.
    Plo Kloon

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    Wow B, that is pretty ignorant!

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    All three TRU are not doing the midnight madness, but there is a Walmart on almost every coner in this town. I will be at one while my cool star wars mom will be at another and we will be using our cell phones to communicate.
    But I was going to Tosche Station to pick up some Star Wars figures!!!

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    I concentrating just on the figures and getting at least one of each, hoping that most stores will have ordered alot and have extra cases for the next few days and into the weekend. I would like to get at least two of some of the main characters like Padme and Anakin as well as Obi Wan And Count Dooku. I amy also pick up Anakin's Speeder. Here's hoping all goes well tonight.
    Looking for CW 2010 Sidious and TX-20...if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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    Layout of 2 figures

    Okay...I bought the female Tucken Raider and the R2-D2...

    The female Tusken Raider's arms don't really move. The gafftti stick is kinda soft. The lil Tusken Raider kid's legs can't move, but arms can. Other then that...not a bad figure.

    The R2 is electronic to my surprise...the eye lights up and it makes noises. The middle leg can not retract! Altho the ankles can move! The 2 lil centipede things are soft.

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    the tru and walmarts have already put out there stuff in ontario
    to say the least, it was disappointing
    only 14 different basic figures, no deluxe, no 12"
    hopefully more is coming...


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