View Poll Results: What do you expect to find from AOTC tomorrow?

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  • all the toys you're looking for with plenty to go around for everyone else.

    68 32.69%
  • all the toys you're looking for but only with some hunting at different stores.

    46 22.12%
  • most of what you're looking for with some pieces left to chase.

    63 30.29%
  • I'll be lucky if I find enough to satisfy myself that whole week.

    10 4.81%
  • I don't plan on shopping for my toys during the initial 'rage.'

    21 10.10%
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    Tycho, not one chase to report. Plenty to go around, the 2 short areas were the 12" (only 2 of each) but I don't think there's a big market here for them anyway, plus there were only 2 ObiSabers to be seen. But I didn't buy a saber anyway, so . I might buy Dooku's eventually.

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    My vote of "most of what you're looking for with some pieces left to chase" was fairly accurate, though TRU didn't really come close to "most" of what I was looking for, but just slightly more than half.
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