View Poll Results: What do you expect to find from AOTC tomorrow?

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  • all the toys you're looking for with plenty to go around for everyone else.

    68 32.69%
  • all the toys you're looking for but only with some hunting at different stores.

    46 22.12%
  • most of what you're looking for with some pieces left to chase.

    63 30.29%
  • I'll be lucky if I find enough to satisfy myself that whole week.

    10 4.81%
  • I don't plan on shopping for my toys during the initial 'rage.'

    21 10.10%
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    What do you expect to find from AOTC toys tomorrow?

    It's time for MidNight Madness all over again!

    We line up outside of participating Toys R Us stores tonight!!!

    What do you expect to find?

    Let's talk about your expectations, and then come back on Wednesday for a new follow-up poll to check up on how you did!

    Good luck and happy hunting!


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    I myself am thinking that since I got a lot of the stuff already (due to early unauthorized releases, etc.) I'll go to MidNight Madness just to enjoy the show. But I'll buy what I can of the multiples / army builders that I need. Then I'll go to Wal*Mart to finish off my shopping list after I get some nap time in - which I'll so desperately need!

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    I don't think that there are that many collectors around where i live. Last time, I went....6pm, and the shelves were still full. I have Wal*Mart down the road from TRU, so i'll hit wal*mart and get any leftovers at TRU.
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    I think I will be able to find everything I need (including multiples/army builders) at the Walmart I work at, if they put everything out that we have in stock. We have tons of wave 1-3 of both collections but they have not selected a place to display them yet, so I don't know the size of the display and how much it can hold.

    Last MM, I had a list of figures coming out but wasn't financially prepared. This time I have a large sum of cash saved and a cleared credit card. Also the last Wal-Mart I went to had about 20 people there. The one I 'm going to had eight people at it last time, so I'm very optimistic.

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    Around here none of the stores are opening at midnight, which means I have to get up bright and early, but luckily I have a Friend who works for TRU
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    My Ordeal!

    It's going to be a fight here for those elusive TieBombers and Snowspeeders. Luckily I have a friend in a different city that doesn't have a big collecting base that is going to get one of each for me. I plan on getting to WM right after work today (approx 6m) and will stay in the toys dept. until midnight or they make me move. Unfortunately my WM is popular for collectors so I'll have to be there by then or "NO TIE/SS for me" (said like the soup nazi from Sienfeld). I'll be spending in the neiborhood of $450 tonight. If WM however acts like jerks about me being there, I do plan on putting a large amount of things in a cart, going up to the register and after they ring it all up, say "nevermind I don't want any of it". Yea, I know I may get banned from this Wal-Mart but they have been very uncooperative regarding the whole TIE/SS thing. Besides I buy nost of my toys from TRU. (Wish they would change there mind about the whole thing and open up tonight at midnight. They stand to lose millions to Wal*Mart) Someone at the top of TRU will probably lose their job once the figures come in.

    Anyway, enough of my rant. I hope this doesn't happen and we call all just get what we want without any hassles.

    Good lick to you all my fellow brothers and sisters in collecting and SW fandom and of COURSE,

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    Why does Midnite Madness have to fall on a Monday! I'll be standing in line at TRU freezing my butt off when I'd normally be sitting on the couch watching "RAW". Cruel fate, you mock me again! But I guess that's what the VCR is for. Although I already have most of the figures I want already, thanks to a careless local Kohl's, I'll still go for the experience. Maybe I'll get on the news again like I did for the last MM.

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    i wasnt at the first midnight madness, but i dont think there is a huge fan base. i havent found anything yet. so i will need a shopping cart full.

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    I predict this MM will be a lot like "pot roast mark-down night" at the local supermarket except with guys instead of hausfraus; a bunch of shoving and maybe some hair pulling.
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    I didn't go to the last MM, but still managed to get everything I wanted throughout the rest of the day - despite living in 'Scalper Central' California.
    I won't be going this year either, as I don't have the patience to deal with people fighting and grabbing and hoarding everything they can.
    I'll probably check a couple stores on my lunch hour for the few figures I want to start with. The big problem will be finding the TIE Bomber.
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