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    What is hardest to find?

    Does anyone know of any type of insider report or anything that tells which figures will be underproduced or anything?
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    Most of the first figures will be very easy to find. I dont think you have to worry about not finding what you want tonight. There shouldn't be any "rare" figures.

    But you might have a hard time finding HAngar Duel Anakin, Dooku Dark Lord, and Yoda. They aren't being underproduced, but they are being slowly introduced in tonights cases, just one of each per case I think. So they might sell out fast tonight in some places. But if you don't NEED to have those tonight then they will show up in larger cases soon.

    Personally, those are the three that I will be hunting for tonight. I really want HD Anakin and Dooku.
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    Yoda and Hanger Ani, are 2 per case and in 2 different cases shipping now. One includes 2 Dooku's as well, the other one doesn't. Most stores will likely have the Hanger Ani cases, whether they have the one that includes Dooku will depend on when your store recieved their latest cases.

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    Well Dooku, some army-builders, some Jedi, Jango and possibly might be hard to find. Dooku might be naturally harder since he's just two per case in one assortment so he's so far the most under-packed figure for the 23rd, but he might be extra harder along with some others due to scalpers. Zam, Yoda and Hangar Duel Ani might be harder to find due to scalper's too, just have to wait and see though. Always in motion are rarity predictions.
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    Exclamation What is hardest to find?

    Actually, I thought it was a TRU that opened at midnight.
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    I think R2-D2 is only 1 per case also, even in the future cases. And with their being 2 different leg versions it might be tuff to find also.

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    I'm disapointed. I want a Yoda.
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    I have a strange feeling that the vehicles might be the harder things to find this time around. Then again who knows my local TRU has 17 pallets of new SW toys, so we might have plenty of everything to go around.
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    For crying out loud...

    EVERYONE, including myself, wants Dooku and HD Anakin. They'll probably be impossible to find...

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    sence there is no Midinght Madness here and i think there are no MAJOR star wars collectior in my town ( i hope) i pray it shall be easy to find my two most FAV FIGURES IN THE WORLD but if i see someone with the last dooku ill have to give them the smack down you smell what i'm cookin j/k

    when you say 2 per case dose that mean the they pack

    2 anakins 2 dookus ? for each case so wouldnt that mean that there would be alot sence the star wars section will be big ?
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