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    Across the Stars

    MTV's TRL said that they will be showing the video on tomorrow show. They showed a little clip of it and are going to show the whole thing tomorrow. TRL is on from 3:30-4:30 ET Tuesday.

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    Does anybody know when the music video will be shown on MTV in the UK?


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    I'm glad the official site will have it, I don't have to bother with recording it. Have you heard the track yet? I think it's pretty neat. It should be even better with added dialogue.

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    I saw the video and heard the track that I downloaded from a website. I didn't like it at all. It didn't sound like anything starwarsy at all. What bugs me about it is that it sounds a lot like a bastard hybrid of the themes from Home Alone and Hook. Maybe I'll change my mind later once I've listened to the soundtrack 100 times and become brainwashed.
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    well I don't like the song either and the movie-clip isn't that good too, exactly the same scenes like in the trailer (maybe one or two new shots)


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