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    Went to Toronto for a little excursion over the weekend. While chilling out with the fam, I managed to sneak into three toy shops.

    1) The TRU at Queen and Younge had tons of Darth Maul s/a wave, Ketwol/Duros Wave, 300 Fetts, and a few Obi Jedi Training Gear (which I already have) but no sign of Shimis, for $11.99 Canadian (about 6 bucks plus GST) but the real find was 50 of Cadbury's mini-size candy bars for $5.97 Canadian (included Caramilk, Crispy Crunches, and Dairy Milks). So I just got the candy

    2) Toys Toys Toys at the Eaton Centre had the entire Lando wave for $14.99 Can (about $7.50 U.S.). I picked up a Lando and Tessek (which I needed) passed on a Jar Jar (which I need) and an R2-Q5 (which I already have). I would have picked up duplicates for people I know but I don't have that much $$$ being a college student.

    3) Went to the Silver Snail and splurged on a Leia General which I needed, as well as a Hooded Leia POTF2, and a Plo Koon for $15 Canadian. I also picked up an Action Fleet Blockaded Runner for $20 Canadian (about 10 U.S.). I passed up on Ep1 Royal Security and Pit Droid 2 pk for the same price.
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    Walmart in Saint John NB has TONS of the following figures: Darth Maul Sith Apprentice, Jedi Trg Qui Gon, Sandtrooper, X-Wing Luke, EW Vader, DS Han, ketwol Wave - they're freakin pegwarmers up here. If anyone lives in Maine or even New Hampshire, Saint John is only an hour away from Calais, (the border). It would be well worth the trip to come up here and liberate these cool figures from their shelf prisons. These figures must sell or we'll never get new ones!
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