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    The good old days...

    How many of you folks were with me back then, when everything was so fresh, and exciting, and cool, and new? I'm talking way back in the good old days between '77 and '83. When the wait for Episode One started winding down all the memories started flooding back; seeing the movies for the first time, playing with all my toys, BECOMING Luke or Han or Vader, spending hours in the yard staging my own adventures until it got so dark I couldn't even see my toys anymore...
    I'm starting to get that feeling back even more so while waiting for Attack of the Clones (I don't care what anyone else says. I just LOVE that title!). Maybe it's just me, but something about the new figures just takes me back to the good old days (maybe it's that they are just new, maybe just the thrill of seeing so many new characters and old characters in new light, maybe it's just the thrill of knowing I'm getting a new movie soon!). I don't know. Even seeing that UK Saga toys poster takes me back; it REALLY reminds me of the old vintage style cardbacks from Kenner somehow. I have to say that I am really, REALLY getting excited! I feel like a kid again, and the feeling is awesome! Don't make fun of me. Nevermind; I could care less whether you make fun of me or not! My childhood was great, and I really miss it. I'm euphoric! I'm right now even forgiving Hasbro AND Lucasfilm of all the petty little complaints I've had in recent years (even days!). None of that matters to me right now! So I can't make it to Celebration 2. So I probably won't get a chance at the Imperial Shuttle. So I would rather midichlorians not be part of the story. So what if Episode One could've been a little better. I'm still going to see Attack of the Clones ( ) on opening day, and I'm going to love it! For two hours and twenty minutes that day I'm going to get just that much closer to true bliss! I don't know about you guys, but I think this is great! This year I get to be four years old all over again!

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    I hear that brother!

    I still remember seeing ANH at the drive in theater in 1977 when I was 3 years old. My mom thought the movie was so boring and dull, she fell asleep in the back of the car!

    Then of course....there were the toys! $2.99 bought you a figure! I remember that very well!!!!! I still have all my old STAR WARS Figures, and even have them in an original C-3PO carrying case.

    Finally, flash forward to now...I just got contacted by a newspaper reporter...they want to do a story on me and my collection shortly before Episode II comes out.

    Ah the good life!
    "I find your lack of faith disturbing!" - Lord Darth Vader

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    I remember standing in line on opening night for the original. My family can confirm this memory. I even remember whereabouts we were standing in line, and how excited I was even then.
    Sadly, I have very few of my original toys left. Someone broke into my public storage unit a few years back and nearly wiped me out. The the loss of about $7000 in collectibles doesn't bother me so much as the loss of so many childhood memories. Saying that, of course, I realize they were not memories; just simple (and dearly missed) plastic mementos. The memories are mine forever!

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    The first movie I saw was RoTJ, since I was 4 years old, and I remember after that my mom would have a new figure every week for me waiting after school. They were about $2.50-$3.00. My fondest memory of the old vintage line was when I was supposed to go to the doctor for some shots, and my grams and mom bribed me with some Star Wars figures, after that awful experience they went to the trunk of the car and gave me a bag which had Bib Fortuna, R2D2 with pop up saber and Han in Carbonite with the coin. I was so darn happy with that figure especially since I loved to freeze my other figs in a glass of water to re-enact that scene. Damn, nowadays we have to put up with steep prices, scalpers and sometimes figures that do not fulfill the enjoyment we had as kids but I dont care. Still I love the AOTC toys and cant wait until tomorrow to get them, and after that my excitement for the movie will increase greatly..
    You just remember what old jack burton says at a time like this. Have you paid your dues? yes sir the check is in the mail.

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    You think there were scalpers back then hoarding all the star wars figures?? I've always kinda wondered about that. Now days it is SO sickening. I have ALOT of scalpers in my area and I never find a thing in stores. I have to do all my shopping online to get what I want. BUT NOT TONIGHT, tonight I have a fighting chance of getting each and everyone of those figures. Hopefully before those scalpers do. When they come in they come in groups and hog up the aisle space so you can't reach in. Wish me luck as I do to you too.

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    You think there were scalpers back then hoarding all the star wars figures?? I've always kinda wondered about that
    I dont believe so, the Star Wars scalper was born on the fateful day that the POTF2 line begun and went full speed when the Episode 1 figures came out.
    You just remember what old jack burton says at a time like this. Have you paid your dues? yes sir the check is in the mail.

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    Yes those WERE the good ole days for sure.

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    Scalpers...we don't need their scum!

    Scalpers have made themselves more evident! Sadly, I would not be surprised if you happen to run into them tonight, however, there should be enough for all to go around.

    Let's not forget, some people had the pleasure of finding and getting the figures they may not want to come out at midnight...opting to wait until Tomorrow to fill in what was not obtained in the early going!

    As for myself, I plan to have my entire family go and scour the stores for stuff!

    I'll be stopping and shopping on my way into work, during my lunch break, and maybe even when I go home!

    Tomorrow looks to be a fun...AND EXPENSIVE day!

    "I find your lack of faith disturbing!" - Lord Darth Vader

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    I remember one time, way back in '78 when my Auntie Chris (still my favorite family member, and still the sweetest person I know) took me to Kresgie's one day for no reason at all and bought me a bunch of Star Wars figures! That store was so cool. I remember picking my figures out of a dump bin right at the front of the store, and afterwards she took me to the store's cafeteria (as lots of stores used to have back in those days) where I had my first Patty Melt. That is one of my fondest memories from my childhood! GEEZ! I'm gettin' all choked up here just thinking back! LOL

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    Let's not have any talk about scalpers and such here. I'm much more interested in hearing people's fond and happy memories of the way things used to be. Let's hear your stories guys! The scalpers can never hoard and rip us off with those!


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