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    Coming to you from the great beyond!

    How did your Midnight Madness go??

    Ok, ok. I know I am posting this REALLY early. But I have to go back to work soon and I wanted a place everyone could put their MM experiance. So instead of haveing 400 threads about "Here's what I got" and "My MM stunk, how's yours?" I thought I'd create this one so everyone has a place to put their experiance from tonight.

    So, good luck everyone, remember to have fun and respect one another. And above all else, be safe tonight!! I don't want to hear about any accidents!

    May the force(and the toy gods) be with you!
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    Well guys, I am done! A pretty big turnout but I succeeded in my mission (almost $200 later). Hard to find figures tonight at Wal Mart were:

    Royal Guard
    Genoshian Warrior
    Taan We
    Dexter Jeester

    Be sure to keep an eye out for them.

    All in all everyone was curteous and helpful, except for one guy that bought 3 Tie Bombers.

    Good luck!

    P.S. there is an r2-D2 variant already! The legs are different.

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    My Midnight Madness buys......

    Well, I didn't have enough to get everything I wanted, but I did end up with four figures:

    1: Yoda, cool figure......the metal lightsaber handle rules.....and his 'force effect' feature is kinda neat.....

    he has a large base he stands on, and as the bottom is turned Yoda 'raises' up from the base like he's levitating.....the 'thing' he's levitating with his force powers is actually a chunk from the base, that can 'snap' back in....

    2: Anakin Hangar Duel, cool metal lightsaber, one plastic......his force feature is a wheel on his back that spins his left wrist, so he can 'twirl' the saber.......his other effects are that he has a removable arm (held together by magnets), and apparently an attraction feature where his hand can pull the saber to him (Although I've not removed the rubber band to check this...

    3: Kit Fisto, this is a neat figure......I like the look of the alien Jedi......and this guy is mega cool.....lots of green tendrils everywhere.....another metal saber handle......and an unobtrusive 'force effect' you lift his arm, and it's spring loaded to snap back.....

    4: Luminara Unduli, I hadda get a female figure, and she was cool, because she was first, a Jedi, second, asian, and third a female!.....pretty unposable, and I haven't discovered a 'force effect' but still cool nonetheless.....

    these are my purchases, and I'm happy with them......

    Kit and Anakin are my faves, followed by Yoda and Luminara.....

    It was really slow at my Wal-Mart....and there wasn't a Lot to go around.....they actually took half the stuff back to the stock area....I dunno what's up with that.......and there was a scalper there.....he had a cart full of two each of the shortpacks......well, until some kid wanted a Yoda, and I snagged it for him outta this guy's cart........


    he protested, but there was nothing he could do about it.....because it wasn't his yet......the kid was happy, the guy was miffed.......but being an overweight loser wannabe scalper, he couldn't do much about it.......

    and I made some kid's night.......

    this was another fond memory.....sure I'd rather been at TRU, but it was still fun......

    some figures are on my shortlist.....but I'm not too thrilled about any of the Mace's, or Jangos......and they were the ones I really wanted......
    "You will shed tears of crimson"-Vicious (Cowboy Bebop)


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    Well I picked up the last 7 characters I didn't already have. So now I have them all. When will the next wave be out?

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    Hey congrats!!!!!! Was hangar Ani and Yoda hard to find???

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    No they had a lot of those. The hardest for me were the same as RUNOBOT.

    Royal Guard
    Genoshian Warrior
    Taan We
    Dexter Jeester

    I found my Dookus in the box on a pallet. Some lady that worked there got ****ed because I opened some boxes.

    Dooku is in the collection 1 wave 3 ratio 1 box.

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    No Dookus or me.I'M ****ed I wanted Dooku but they only had the deluxe one wich I didn't like.Also the 12 inches look awfull.
    Ok Teriffic!

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    i'm back and i picked up royal guard,taun we,red clone trooper,dexter jetster,genosan warrior,and a dooku lighsaber

    these were the hardest to get but i got there early enough to pick them up.The Dooku.yoda,and Anakin dual were absent at the tru in peabody, Ma so i'll try getting them somewhere else.
    we maybe had 100 to 150 ppl show up and everything went pretty good(a couple of hoarders though)but a great time never the less

    my advice is to get these figs first!! later
    need vintage parts and weapons

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    Well I'm leaving in ten minutes(I'm on the westcoast) Thanks for letting us know which ones are hard to get.
    But I was going to Tosche Station to pick up some Star Wars figures!!!


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