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    Question Deleted Scenes

    Does anyone know if there are more deleted scenes besides the ones George Lucas included in the Special Edition Trilogy???

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    Quite a few. There's a really cool site that breaks them all down, but I don't have the url here at work. Here's a few I remember:

    Scene of Luke watching the Star Destroyer battle at a vaporator. The droid he's with breaks down, explaining why C-3PO has to be bought. This is on the CD-ROM Behind the Magic.

    Anchorhead: Luke learns that Biggs is back on Tatooine and hangs out with him and some other friends. The scene also tells us that Biggs is planning to join the Rebellion. This is also on Behind the Magic and described at length in an issue of the Star Wars Insider.

    There's also a very different version of the cantina scene on Behind the Magic. Lucas wasn't satsfied with it and refilmed it. It includes Han in a booth with a girl (later given the nickname Jenny). Also, if you're wondering why Ponda Baba has flippers for a few shots in the final film, those scenes were salvaged from the original version.

    The original Wampa scenes and an entire subplot about Wampas invading Echo Base was cut out. The only remnants I know of in the final cut are a brief shot of 2-1B examining a Tauntaun corpse and the line, "It could be one of those creatures."

    When escaping Echo Base, C-3PO takes a Caution sign off a door as he passes. Snowtroopers, not knowing what's inside, go inside only to be mauled by Wampas. Apparently, the image of C-3PO at the door made it into early trailers.

    There's a still photo I've seen of Luke on Hoth in his flight suit manning a huge turbolaser. I don't know anything else about this shot, though.

    I don't know if it was filmed, or even if it's only legend, but one of many scenes supposedly cut from Luke's training features Yoda throwing a stick in the air and Luke, blindfolded, slicing it with his saber. Yoda admonishes him, saying a Jedi would have cut it into more pieces.

    There are a lot of still photos from Jabba's Palace, including one of Bossk and two Niktos standing in an archway. If they're from full scenes, I don't know.

    The Sandstorm: After the Battle of Carkoon, the heroes are forced to abandon their skiff and walk the rest of the way to their craft. A huge sandstorm erupts, and basically they walk through it. It was cut because of time and storytelling concerns. It's featured in the same issue of The Star Wars Insider as the Anchorhead scene.

    Apparently there is also a scene that shows B-Wings in action.
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    Yes, saw the deleted scenes included in the "Behind the magic" cd, and i also heard that in ESB, (when Luke throws himself into the chasm) Dath Vader pulls him all the way up, just to show him the power of the dark side.

    Do u know the N of the insider that describes all that stuff?
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    I think that scene, Lobito, where vader pulls luke all the way up is just a rumor. There's a fake clip of vader supposedly doing this..

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    yeah, I've never heard of the Vader grab before either.

    I think all those scenes mentioned above are about it, but wouldn't it be cool if GL included them on the DVD's?

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    That pic of Luke manning a huge laser is apparently just a publicity shot. He's standing atop a small vehicle with a big gun that can be seen in the Echo base hangar and also in some shots of the Hoth trenches. I don't think it ever really got used because it wasn't a very good looking vehicle.

    There's also the scene where Vader chokes a royal guard to gain entry to the Emperor's throne room just before the scene where Palpy says something like "I told you to stay on your ship" But they cut that scene at the time because it was felt that Vader had been shown enough choking folk and they didn't want to overdo that thing.

    There's a shot from ESB where Lando is shown holding onto Luke after he falls from the weather vane under cloud city and before we see him being held by Lando as they descend into the Falcon. Guess they cut it because it wasn't really needed to advance the story.

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    I was looking yesterday at the SW picture archive (i think thats the name of the book) and i saw a photo of an Imperial Officer being smacked by one of the emperors Royal Guards, i dont know if this has something to do with the Darth Vader Vs. Royal guard scene. Lets hope they put them in DVD.
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