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    Tie Interceptor in Dallas...?

    If anyone comes across the Tie Interceptor in the Dallas area, please post here or contact me. I haven't been able to go searching anywhere around here b/c I've got a little baby girl in the hospital, so any help would be much appreciated!

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    Tie in dallas

    I haven't seen any indication that it has arrived, but one of the TRU employees has me on a list to call when they come in. My brother, however found them in Tulsa late last week. I'll try to post as soon as I see them.

    Hope all is well with your Baby!

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    I've not had any luck in the Fort Worth area but if I do find some I will let you know and (available funds permiting) pick up an extra for you. If you manage one ahead of time or just can't manage to get it at the time I could always take it back later. Bubba Fatt and Sith Worm, my loyal cohorts have much better luck with these things than I do so I will also pass the word to them that JediCole will take an extra on if possible.
    Hopefully between the three of us scouring the area we will come up trumps with that particular item.
    The real challenge will be the TIE Bomber. I sincerely hope that TRU ordered heavily on this. They probably do not realize that this is the first ORIGINAL vehicle since the T-16 or the Outrider, and MUCH more sought after. I have this prevailing sense that I will have to pay scalper prices for the only vehicle I've wanted in years.
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    I just had a chance to stop by the TRU in Irving and a helpful employee there looked up the SKU on the computer. This TRU *did* have the TIE Interceptor but they were out. However, the computer showed that the TRU in Arlington is scheduled to get a case on the next truck that comes in, which could be tonight or tomorrow... I may try to run by there tomorrow, but it may be hard. JediCole, if you get a chance to run by there before I do and you find one, I'd be grateful for you to pick one up for me...!

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    Thursday, Sep. 13, P.M.--The TRU in Arlington got 6 TIE Interceptors today. I just picked one up before the store closed. There were still four when I left, so if you're in the area in the morning and you hurry, you might be lucky...

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    Tie and Others

    The TRU on Central at Walnut "had" them, but nothing but a sticker on the shelf when I got there. Apparently, one guy bought them all.

    In other news, I found the Shmi wave this morning at Target.

    Happy Hunting!

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    fan club figures?

    have any of you DFW people seen the fan club figures here? i have not and i fear that they have passed us up again.
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    No, haven't seen them anywhere...and I've looked all over the place. Afraid they either never showed up here or we missed 'em.

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    No tie or FC4

    I have not seen a Tie I personally, or the Fan Club 4.
    What I have seen:

    Shmi- targets and a few wal-marts
    X-wing Luke- Soopa Target
    12" Death Star Asst.- TRU and Soopa Target


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