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    Watch out for lazy workers!! (wall-mart shoppers beware)

    Ok here my story and i hope you all can learn from it.

    I got at my Wall Mart at roughly 10:30 pm, trust me time was everything being the first person there with my mom to tell her what big things to grab while i saw which figures where first put where since when i got there they only started puttin them up.A lot of really awsome collectors came and it was a blast talking to them while we waited. We watched them put everything up including the peg warmers like legos and books or cards or something. It was funny seeing all the workers moan and complain and when my mom was like i dont see any boba fetts mam,can you look for one,she about hit the floor and started looking but not with any care and we found out nope none there.

    so I started counting the figures when i saw only about 14 different figures and i stopped and said to everyone, "I know what iam talking about, i did my research and there are 27 or more BASIC figures suposed to be out. Well when the time came to let hell break loose i was *****en that i waned the other figures up there too since there was space! They didint have any anakin hanger duels,yodas,zams,jexters,count dookus, boba fetts and a bunch of the other great figures up. When it was time to go i was the first to grab the only current Clone trooper,and a few others that were must haves. I was trapped for a few mins while people where all over me and i couldnt move .

    Well after noticing the best figures were nowhere to be found i started saying so to the other collectors and they were like ya we know,then out of nowhere liek a gang of wall-mart wrokers got my attnetion and started yelling at me saying it was. Well what the ididots didint notice was a bunch of us without our jaws haning open did watch them take a entire pallet of basic figures back to the gardning section. After complaing out of knowhere i turn around and there is a card FILLED to the top of all sorts of figures and then i turned around to see another worker just whelling them out and leaving them there. Lol it was heck but i mananged to get 2 yodas and 2 anakins but no dookus to be seen anywhere at all. Let me say it took only 20 mins but it was the koolest 20 mins of my star wars life !!!

    Hope you can learn from this,complaining does get you somewhere!
    Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war.............

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    Dude, ya gotta remember. Most of these Wal-Mart employees came in on their time off to have these shelves stocked for us. They don't know as much about Star Wars as you or I and have no idea what figures are supposed to be released and how they are boxed. At least we got as much as we did.
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    but still i explained to them that they come in different assortments and that there is llike 13 more figures that arent on the shelves and i wasnt leaving without them
    Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war.............

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    Oh boo-hoo-hoo. Poor wal-mart workers. They did not come in on their "own time". If they did they are dumbasses. They get paid to put those toys up on the shelf. If they don't want to do it, I'll be happy to come in and do it. I don't particularly care about whether they have all the cases out or not, because I realize that sooner or later they WILL put out all the figures- but it is a pain in the *** when they have about 30 cases of figures, with lots of different assortment numbers, and they open up the first 6 cases and declare "all the other cases are exactly the same."

    I don't fuss with them too much, because it is the only source I have for the figures locally. But remember this-- if these people had half a brain in their head many of them wouldn't be working at wal-mart.

    Heck they put stuff out at my store weeks before the August 23 premier- so I give em a break.

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    I hear ya

    I went to my local Wal-mart this morning expecting to find the whole setup and there was nothing. A guy was unloading a pallet and I saw a few boxes scattered on the floor. There was one big box which wasn't marked and thankfully I looked in it to get me a TIE Bomber. There was one C2 box there so I took the two Royal Guards and the only other boxes around were a few beasts and one of the speeders. I asked the guy where are all the new SW toys and he's like "Oh they are bringing them soon". Well I couldn't wait so I went over to another WM near where I work and they had the whole one aisle setup so I managed to get all the figures I wanted. they didn't have any Yoda's or Dooku's though.

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    well at least the workers wern't making fun of you standing in the cold like i was.

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    Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war.............


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