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    I agree that Hasbro would have to do the line. With the way the new POTJ figures look, they would be amazing. Also, in Temple of Doom, the club in the beginning is called Club Obi-Wan .
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    Not McFarland...Please!

    Has any one else had a Mcfarland figure out of the package? Sure the sculpting looks great but the articulation and the durability stink to high heaven. There have been very few Mcfarland figures that I have opened that did not break very easily. Malabolgia being the only exception that comes to mind. I would hope that Hasbro could do a 3 3/4" line and beyond that i would like GI Joe type articulation to be used. As far as a beast assortment goes, you have to have Willy, Shorty, and Indy on the elephants. A box set with Indy and his dad on the motorcycle would be good too. A carded set of creatures including rats, snakes, spiders, bats, monkey, lizard, owl,etc. would also be nice. Army builder bucketsO' Thugs, Nazies, Hovitos, Arabs there are really too many things to list. There are plenty of characters to keep the line fresh for a good while so beyond maybe leagal reasons i dont see why a company does not pick up the lisence. Please Hasbro, please.
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    Don't know if this is common knowledge, but in Last Crusade, Hitler is played by Michael Sheard, who also played Admiral Ozzel. I believed he played Hitler in another movie also, as well as Heinrich Himmler. This guy's all about Nazis.

    I say just call the figure Hitler, and include an open, signed version of the diary with him. Come on, with all the violence, horror, and satanism in action figures today, why can't we have a figure of one of the most recognizable figures of real-life evil the world has ever seen? And aren't there other companies who make Nazi figures? It's not like they are being portrayed in a good light.

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    I like the idea of the bike with Indy and his father. That would be an add on my list.
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    Holy epiphany, Batman! I didn't even realize the Hitler/Ozzel connection until now. I just watched TLC last weekend and didn't put the two together. Now that I think about it they do look alike.

    I think someone could very easily make an Indy with whip figure that has an action lever allowing it to flick the whip. If they can do it for those crummy Jackie Chan figures they could do it for an Indy line.
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    I too would want the license (if any) to go to Hasbro over MacFarlane any day of the week. I love MacFarlane's Movie Maniacs line and hope that they will eventually bring us Jules and Vincent from Pulp Fiction. However, Indiana Jones needs the kind of attention to detail and superior craftsmanship that only Hasbro can provide. Did you know that when the Kenner/Hasbro license for Star Wars lapsed that George Lucas helped convince them to take it up again, despite a reported $1 Billion bid from Mattel for the master toy rights.
    I think that the Star Wars figure scale would be a must, especially to insure that there would be accesories like the mini tank and horses at a decent price point. Personally I have no use for gimics like voice chips or spring loaded arms. Articulation that combines the best of the Imperial Officer and the Cantina Han Solo (articulated at the neck, shoulders, biceps, elbows, (possibly) wrists, hips, upper legs (as with Han), and knees would be ideal. That would allow for horseback (or elephant back) riding that would not look awkward as well as many other poses.
    As for the Nazi villains, they would probably have to be depicted sans their distinctive armbands. Bubba Fatt could answer this with certainty, but I believe that the "German Soldier Disguise" Indy did not sport an armband in the "vintage" Indy line.
    I love many of the ideas presented here, a young Indy with Indiana (the dog) would be great and long overdue. Also, Henry Sr. should have his briefcase and umbrella along with the diary. And Sallah, though he appeared in Arab garb, spent most of his screen time in his white suit and hat. I would rather see him thus depicted than in the turban and robes, at least as an initial figure. The interchangeable heads idea is also intriguing. Perhaps we can sneak this thread into "Dear Hasbro" as well...

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    arm band

    Jedi Cole is correct about the armband's absence. However, Toht does have a small red dot where his Nazi pin would be. I mentioned before that GI Joe articulation should be used but after thinking on it, just symetric articulation would be best. It bugs me to have a figure that has swivel articulation on one arm and not the other. A type of ball and socket joint at the hips would allow for adequit seating on a horse or in a truck. I dont know if I spelled adequit correctly. I would like for the figures to have accurate accessories also. Hasbro has a habit of putting goofy looking stafs with characters that might not be associated with a particular weapon(ex. Jar-Jar, Boss Nass, Valorum). If the character has absolutly no accessory to be put with him/her, my thoughts are that you cant have too many snakes, mummies, or skeletons.
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    As much as I want Hasbro to pick up the line, some things would never be done then. No way would be ever get the Hitler figure or any emblems on the clothes. I could live with that though.
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    I can't honestly think of any mainstream toy company with the clout to buy the license that would risk attempting a Hitler figure. Sure for us it's just one of the characters in the movie and should produce no more uproar than Hitler's appearance in the film incited. But reason flys out the door when something falls so close to the fringe of how people interpret things. Frankly, unlike Star Wars, for Inidana Jones, I don't need a figure of absolutly every individual that graced the screen. I found Kenner's Cairo Swordsman a bit of a waste of a character choice for a fledgeling toy line. And people complain about Jabba's Palace or Cantina creatures not having much screen time!
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    Was that the same Cairo Swordsman from RLA who confronted Indy only to be shot three seconds later? That was such a classic scene, no wonder they made a figure of him! In fact I seem to remember Entertainment Weekly listing that scene as the #1 coolest moment in movie history, ever!

    Of course, this just goes to show Harrison Ford's talent for improvising a scene, that and the "I love you/I know" scene from ESB are two examples of Mr. Ford ignoring the script and saying/doing the first thing that comes to his mind. In the process creating a moment that moviegoers will remember forever.

    So, is someone ever does produce an Indiana Jones toy line, then I would hope to see the Cairo Swordsman show up in the third or fourth wave of figures.
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