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    I think that for sculpting, detail, and the possibility of a Star Wars scale Indy line, Hasbro would be great. However- they ARE pretty much a kid's company. Thus, we would probably not be seeing armbands with swastikas on them, and a figure of Hitler, cool as his cameo is i TLC, would be totally out of the question. If a company like McFarlene or someone else who could have articulation as well as great detail, but is more of a "grown up" company, we would see some of these things. I remember seeing ads in ToyFare for some 12" military figures with some famous German General and the WWII Afrika Corps or something, and these bad boys are definatley aimed at collectors.

    On the subject of a whipping, spring loaded Stupid idea. Maybe good for an Indy Happy Meal figure, but not for something that collectors are going to buy. Voice chips could be cool, but after everybody's reaction to to the EPISODE 1 COMMTech chips I think that the majority vote says no- especially after they raised the price from 5.99 to 7.99

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    Actually, one way to do the Hitler figure, without making the Hitler figure would be to produce a "Nazi Leader" figure, without the trademark Hitler moustache. Easy enough for customizers to add on later.

    As for Nazi swastikas, just include them as stickers to be applied after the figure is opened.

    However, I don't think it would be in any company's best interests to start producing Nazi figures right away. Wait until the line is successful and most of the other characters have already been made.

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    Some of the figures would be ok and I would get a few but the Nazis and Hitler I would pass on.I may cause some heated debate on this one ,but I would not want my kids playing with a Hitler toy or anything else to do with him.In a movie is one thing but not as a toy.I guess the rest of my feelings about this I should keep to myself to avoid offending anyone.
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    That's what I originally said, make the figure with his likeness, but not the name. I honestly think people are too politically correct these days. It would be just a toy.

    Oh, bigbarada, that was a great scene.
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    You know, in actuallity, I don't think anybody would make a Hitler figure even an adult toy company. The armbands though, I think would be more tolorable for most people, but the Nazis sould not be made right off the bat. The first wave should have Indy, Marion, Sallah, Short Round, Henry Jones Sr. and maybe some baddies like Mola Ram, Belloq, the shirtless bald German Mechanic or the doomed Swordsman. Later, if those guys do well, they could start making the likes of Marcus Brody, Elsa, either the German General from Raiders or TLC, I'm not sure if we need both, Willie Scott, and Walter Donovan. Some planes, trucks, tanks and a horse riding Indy would definatley be very cool as well.

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    Sorry Dude,
    A 12 inch Hitler was just recently made. It is in scale with the Dragon line. The company that produced it will also be making, Castro, Mussilini, Stalin, and all other people like that. I will try to find the site that is selling them to show you.
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    Michael Sheard(I think thats right), was at a toy show here local a few years back and he autographed a custom 12" Adolph that I had. He was very amused by it and showed it to Captain Peitt(cant remember the actors name). I later set it on my table at the show and got many comments but no complaints. I then put it on Ebay and sold it along with a Mola Ram without any complaints. Even in this time when people are looking for something to be offended by, I dont think a Hitler figure is going to get someone upset. Not being a parant, I may be missing the reason that a Hitler figure would be bad.But as a kid I never was influinced by the Nazi army men that I had. I new what they did historically and I knew that they were the "bad guys". Besides, I think some kid is more likely to act out something he sees in a movie than something he reads in a history book.
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    There is already one 12" Hitler figure out there, and another one on the way. I am offended by the idea that money is being made over one of the worst, most evil human beings of all time. I lost family over there, I don't like the idea that there are people out there who still glorify and worship this maniac, but to make a toy of him is simply over the top IMO.
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    I lost family over there, I don't like the idea that there are people out there who still glorify and worship this maniac, but to make a toy of him is simply over the top IMO.
    My father's grandparents and great aunt's and uncle's were all killed in Auschwitz, so I understand how reprehensible the idea of a Hitler action figure is to some.

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    i suppose that is another good point about a Hitler toy- the really terrible evil things he did. You could make a toy of just about any other tyrant, Napoleon, King George III, Saddamn Hussain even but not Hitler.


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