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    Thumbs up Indiana Jones Toy Line!

    I think that a really great company like McFarlene toys or whoever made the Matrix figures should get up off their arses and make a kickin-kewl Indiana Jones line. They would have absoltly no trouble selling it since Indy films are almost as well loved by apsolutly everyone as Star Wars. Plus, they never made a toy line for The Last Crusade! My picks would include

    Indiana Jones
    Marion Ravenwood
    Bill Gates-esque guy who brands his hand on the medallion
    German Mechanic who gets chopped to bits
    Willie Scott
    Short Round
    Dr. Henry Jones Sr. (I WANT A SEAN CONNERY FIGURE!!!)
    Evil Nazi General Dude
    Elsa Schnieder
    Holy Grail Knight

    they would come with signiture voice chips like "Why did it have to be snakes?" "Hold on to your potatoes!" "This is intolorable!" and "You have chosen wisely."

    who else is with me? hah?

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    there was a report in toyfair a while back that mc farlaine was in discussions to produce this line, but it never materialized.

    it seems logical that since indiana jones is a lucasfilm property that hasbro would have first dibs at this line. and since all is a go for indy 4, i bet we'll see some stuff from hasbro. that could be good, like some of the recent star wars lines, or horrible like the 12 inch planet of the apes.

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    I would be all over an Indy line. For god's sake, no voice chips though. They're just unnecessary. And keep the price point fairly low. If they went with 3 3/4" figures again, a price along the lines of POTJ would be acceptable.

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    "When danger reared it's ugly head he bravely turned his tail and fled."

    Sorry Brave Sir Robin, couldn't resist.

    I heard that DisneyWorld had some exclusive figures of Indy, anybody know if they're any good?

    I would love a true and exhaustive Indy line, however, for some odd reason I would prefer if they were made to scale with current SW figures. I need to finally act out that Han Solo vs. Indiana Jones Deathmatch I've always dreamed of. Thus I'm not sure if McFarlane is the right company for that, plus their reliance on unarticulated lumps of plastic wouldn't do Indy justice.

    This way with a smaller line we could have that cool Nazi Jet from Raiders and that tank from Last Crusade. Plus a mini Ark of the Covenant and Holy Grail accessories. A mine cart "electric train set" would be cool as a 'super-playset.' They could even make a Hitler action figure! Who wouldn't buy that?
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    An Adolf Hitler action figure would be very cool- but I am almost certain that parents wouldn't go for it. In fact, some parent is bound to get pushy about Nazi toys, even though they are the baddies. Hasbro should perhaps make the Nazis (or Germans, as they will probably be called) exclusives to ToyFare or the Star Wars Insider and only have the non-swastika wearing baddies like Belloq, Mola Ram, and Walter Donovan on the shelves for kiddies to get their little mits on.
    As for a company, I think Hasbro will probably get first dibs on this, and with all the Real Scan technology stuff going on now, they would probably look just as good as a McFarlene product.

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    Thumbs up

    I have a post on this in the other section. I have a list of figures and everything. As for a Hitler figure, i think it would make a great mail away figure. It should have his likeness, but can just be called German General or something. The name Hitler does not have to appear, we would all know who it was.
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    Thumbs up

    Here, i figured I'd bring it over here too.

    1. Indy w/ gun, pouch, whip, and Gold Idle
    2. Indy in German uniform
    3. Indy w/ Knife no jacket
    4. Indy w/ removable hat & grail
    5. Henry Jones w/ removable hat & grail diary
    6. Young Indiana w/ cross and dog
    7. Marion Ravenwood w/ medallion
    8. Belloq w/ map
    9. Belloq in Ceremonial Gown
    10. Sallah w/ torch
    11. German soldier w/ gun
    12. German Mechanic w/ wrench
    13. German General w/ baton
    14. Dr. Shnieder w/ false grail
    15. Marcus Brody
    16. Knight w/ armor & sword
    17. Mola Rom w/ removable head gear
    18. Short Round w/ removable cap
    19. Willie in gold/red dress w/ diamond & antedote
    20. Giant Thugee
    21. Cairo Swordsman w/ sword
    22. Toht w/ gun & coat
    23. Donalvin w/ grail tablit
    24. Casim w/ gun (brotherhood guy)

    Beast assortment:
    25. Sallah w/ red hat with Camel
    26. Indy w/ white horse
    27. Henry w/ bandana with brown horse

    28. Well of Souls w/ snakes, ark, & Cermonial Indy
    29. Streets of Cairo w/ Arab Spy & monkey
    30. Underground Venice tomb w/ coffins, skeletons, second marking(shield), & rats

    Mail Away:
    31. German Leader (Hitler)
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    Wow, evenflow your list is totally cool!
    I would definatley buy me a River Phoenix fig w/ Indiana the Dog becuz I have a dog that looks just like him . And Belloq, Toht, the German Leader and Walter Donovan should have interchangable heads, one normal and one melting/decomposing.

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    Thumbs up

    Thanks. I def. like the idea of switching heads. That would be pretty cool.
    "It can't rain all the time."

    "Quote the Raven, Nevermore."

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    Thumbs up

    Yep, im in for the Indy line, while Mcfarlane sculpts really good somehow i would prefer Hasbro to make this line. They can use the same scale (3 3/4") that SW has.

    With the realease of the IJ4 movie i'm sure they will make a toy line, but i'm not sure about who has the rights to produce IJ toys.

    And in another topic, did u know that R2-D2 and C3PO appear in one of the 3 IJ movies?? Yep, they are painted in a Pyramid or something, cant remember which movie though...guess its time to see the movies again.
    As always...........L


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