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    R2-D2 leg variation update..

    Well I went to a 24 hour walmart and they had about 25 R2-D2 figures on the pegs. Now here is the talley of R2-D2s with different legs that I looked at.

    I got to look at 11 R2-D2s

    10 R2-D2s with the R3-T7 legs
    1 with the dome style legs

    Now was it just this store or are most of the R2s being found with R3-T7 legs?

    So far it seems that the dome style is the rarer of the 2 around here.

    post your results and maybe we can figure this out.

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    Smile r2

    From my findings the dome style legs are definately rarer.
    may the figs be with you

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    Which one. . .if not both. . . comes with a background?

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    Hit some more stores this morning and looked at the R2-D2 figures here is the results from my local stores

    walmart all R2-D2s have R3-t7 legs

    Target all had dome legs

    Kaybee all had dome legs

    both figures came with backg ground pictures also.

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    Found one of each left at the WM here. Snagged em just in case.
    Laugh it up Fuzzball

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    Hey R2. . .could you do me a favor and post the date stamps for those 4 R2's you found. . .it would be much appreciated.

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    All of the R2's I looked at except for two had the fan looking thing. The other two where just the solid domes.
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    Hey guys -- I am a little slow -- can you be a little more specific on what a "DOME" style leg is and what a "R3-T7" leg is?

    It's been a long night and my brain aint workin -- thank you
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    Originally posted by bobafett07728
    Hey R2. . .could you do me a favor and post the date stamps for those 4 R2's you found. . .it would be much appreciated.
    I only have 2, one of each, and they are at home, I will post the date stamps tomorrow.
    Laugh it up Fuzzball

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    The "dome" leg variation has a complete silver circle where the leg attaches to the main body.

    The "R3-T7" leg variation has what looks like a wheel with spokes there. (Or a fan)

    ....On the outside of the leg.
    Laugh it up Fuzzball


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