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    Prepare for the worst

    I just came from Walmart in Saint John NB and got the Joan Collins special. That's right folks, no Soundtrack, no novel, and no new toys! nothing. Help me TRU and Zellers, you're my only hope,
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    that has to suck. and coming down to Bangor Maine is a little too far for figures, don't you thunk?

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    It takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes to get to Bangor from here. The last time I was down there they actually had LESS stuff than we did. Still, Bangor has been a pretty good place to find stuff. My sister's going to be working in Saint Stephen starting next week so I'm gonna slip over to Calais and see if there is anything there if we don't get new stuff by then. Still though, we did get 20 figures up here plus Slave I. I'm hope more stuff shows up soon.
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    Originally posted by Bosskman
    . Still though, we did get 20 figures up here plus Slave I.
    I didn't see slave one yet......
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    i went to TRU today and it was unreal, so many toys.
    my friend went to walmart, he saw nothing
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    Did anybody up here see the Reek, Jedi Starfighter, Speeders, or Deluxe Figures? I hope we get them.
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    What is with some of the WM stores only letting you buy 2 figures per person? I was about to deliver the peoples elbow on one manager yesterday!!
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    Yesterday, we had the speeders, Slave 1 and most of the figs at our 2 walmarts, but neither one has all the figs. I didn't see tusken female or boba at either, but was told they were at TRU here in town. Anyone with specific questions just PM me. I've been here kinda sporadically lately, so just have patience. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Oh yeah, no taun we or anything. Anyone see that one? Dooku?
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    The most figures that we got are 21. The 4 deluxe figures should now be at a TRU near you, but IMO, they suck. The 2 speeders and the Slave 1 are bountiful around here. (Hamilton)

    Matter of fact, there is till a TONNE of figures left. Once again, they ordered way too many.

    No Reek and no Jedi Starfighter either.

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    We only have 14 figs up here in Ottawa and only Slave 1 for a vehicle.
    No speeders, no jedi starfighter.

    Methinks all of the stores up here are a little skittish after the Ep1 debacle.

    Has anybody seen Chancellor Palpy?
    Count dooku?
    Jar Jar?
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